Saturday, January 05, 2008

Menu Plan 1-6 thru 1-12

Last week's plan was done using all leftovers and things we'd stocked up on, so there wasn't a shopping trip last week. (Unless you count the fact I had to run and get a can of tomato sauce for last night's pizza sauce.) This week though, we're out of bread flour, all purpose flour, and have just a tiny bit of wheat flour left. I'm also out of yeast and potatoes. So it's a shopping trip for us this weekend. We'll probably go to Sam's because I've heard that the yeast there is an excellent value, and I'm thinking all the flour will be a better deal there too. I am still trying to use leftovers and things in the freezer as much as possible this week, so as not to add too much more expensive to a baking supplies stock up week.

B: Toast with PB
L: Grilled Chicken Salad
D: Noodles and Sauce

B: Oatmeal
L: Lunch Meeting for Ben, leftovers from Sunday for me
D: Those Dang Omaha Steaks (Ben took them off the menu today because he wants to go out for bbq), mashed potatoes, carrots, and cornbread

B: Bagels
L: Steak and Egg Fajitas
D: Porcupine Balls, green beans and dinner rolls

B: Bagels
L: Leftovers and salad
D: Pancakes, eggs, and juice

B: Bagels
L: Nachos for Me, Tamale for Ben
D: Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Biscuits

B: Biscuit Sandwiches
L: Ham Sandwiches
D: Homemade Pizza Night!

B: Cereal
D: Leftover Pizza

Breakfasts and Lunches include fruit salad and cut up veggies to go with whatever is listed. Baking plans include bread, biscuits, rolls, brownies (a couple for us and some for Ben to take to work) and cornbread. Snacks are veggies or trail mix or yogurt or cottage cheese, etc. Dessert a
couple of nights will be the brownies with fudge frosting.

Check out for tons for menus!

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Mommychicky said...

Does your comment "Dang Omaha Steaks" mean you have them taking up space in your freezer as well. I'm looking forward to finally eating the last of the burgers from last summer. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. My menu is up here.

Bethany said...

It was more because I've been putting them on the menu for the last three weeks, and they never even got so far as to get thawed. But they do take up a lot of room, don't they! We took them all out of the boxes when we put them away. They take up a lot less space that way.

I am really grateful that Ben's Christmas gift from work every year is a big selection though. I'd never get steak otherwise!

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