Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recipe Tuesday - Apple Pie

For today's Recipe Tuesday, I've decided to do a little show and tell of my apple pie making. The recipes that I use for both the crust and the apples are from the Betty Crocker Cookbook, so they're pretty standard.

I'd like to credit the Pioneer Woman Cooks Blog for inspiring me to take some more detailed pics of my cooking and to try out this format.

The crust recipe in Betty Crocker has just flour, salt, shortening, and water.

I like to measure the shortening with the kitchen scale to avoid having to wash it out of a measuring cup. Lucky for me, shortening is like butter in that it's the same in volume as it is by weight.

I add a little butter in for some of the shortening too. I think it adds a little flavor and helps it brown nicely.

I love my pastry cutter. It was a wedding gift. I plan on passing it down to future generations. Someday, even a plastic handle will look vintage.

I divide the dough into two and flatten it out a little between waxed paper. I put it in the fridge to chill while I deal with the apples.

And here is how I deal with the apples. I also love my apple peeler/corer. I got it at a rummage sale for a dollar. And since it already looks vintage, it'll be easier to pass it off as an heirloom to those future generations.

See how evenly it slices?

How lovely a line it makes of the peel?

I won't claim that the only reason I got it out was because I had so many apples. But I did do three pies worth of apples, so it helped make the peeling much faster.

Here's my microplane with a nutmeg. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how I feel about my microplane.

After the filling is all mixed up, I split it into three, putting two of the portions into freezer bags. Squeeze out all the air and mush them flat to stack in the freezer. To use the frozen ones, I just let them thaw on the counter or overnight in the fridge and then dump them into the pie crust to bake.

Here is my pretty pretty Fire King pie plate. I'm going to run away with it, and we'll be married.

It's a little smaller than modern pie plates, but I like a higher crust to filling ratio, so it's perfect for me. A little less then two pounds of apples fills it right up.
I forgot to take pictures of it all put together, I was that excited to bake it, but I'll take some pictures after it comes out of the oven. If I don't get too excited about eating it.

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Alison said...

wow, that is some crazy homemade pie making. Looks so yummy and way too much work for me to ever do, lol.

Julie said...

Yum. Now I'm really hungry.

PS It's looking all Martha at your house. ;)

Bethany said...

It actually was really yummy. I'd send you both some, if pie could be shipped at all. It's not that much work Ali, but that's why I did a bunch, so it would be really easy next time. Julie, Martha? You mean with the baking pictures?

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