Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, I did get a lot of my list of goals accomplished today. I still have the knitting and crocheting to work on this evening and tomorrow, but I did finish all the rest. Here are the pics.

Ah, clean sheets. (and a naughty cat)
I didn't actually use any glue to put it together. It seemed to be staying this time. But I'll just glue it if it starts falling apart again.

Here's the wall that is opposite the door of my sewing room. The tubs and two cardboard boxes are holding all my fabric. I'm hoping to figure out a more accessible solution soon. But like I told Julie, maybe you don't have to keep extra projects on hand all the time, so as I work through it making stuff, I'll try not to have so much at once in the future.

Here's the adjacent wall. I use cup hooks and binder clips to hang all my patterns and rulers and such. My cutting table is really broken because of the movers, there's even an entire leg missing, so I'll have to replace it when the moving company gives us the reimbursement for all the missing and broken things. The yellow shelves will go on the wall above my sewing machine.

Here's the wall opposite that one. The dresser has interfacing, fat quarters and things, and all that quilt batting and stuffing. All the boxes seem messy right now, but they're actually all organized and labeled. They'll end up on the shelves so I can use the dresser as a work surface. The mask isn't exactly my taste anymore, but it was a present from a special high school teacher, so it's a special momento.

And here is the wall with the door, with my sewing machine and serger. My father-in-law made the table for my husband's grandmother, and then my mother-in-law owned it, and she gave it to me soon after Ben and I got married. I love having it, and I'm really glad it managed to survive the movers!

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KreativeMix said...

Great Job!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

Thanks! It can be kind of overwhelming to organize a work space, can't it?

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