Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sunday's CVS Trip

On Sunday we took my inlaws to CVS so I could show Joyce how the extra care program works. I have to admit, when I go to CVS and hand over all my coupons, it's always a surprise to me what the total will be. Yes, I try to figure it out before hand, but I seem to always be wrong anyway. Okay, here is what we bought:

2 vitamin C (bogo)
2 fish oil vitamin (bogo)
a four pack of wrapping paper
a new star for the tree
a coke
a gallon of milk
some greeting cards joyce picked out
2 tubes of colgate (bogo)

I used coupons on the colgate and the vitamins, the Christmas stuff was 75% off, I also used $5 off $15 and $2 off $10 CVS coupons, and 7 dollars in extra care bucks.

The total before all the discounts and coupons was about fifty dollars. The total after all my coupons and ECB's was $1.50. So, only a dollar and change out of pocket for all those things, and I got 6 ECB's back.

There was some confusion with the Christmas star not ringing up at 75% off, and I had to go back in and get the difference, so those figures are how it all came out in the end.

I was very happy with this trip, since I was able to get Howard and Joyce some things they were buying anyway for free. I'm going to have to try one of the deals that I see going on this week, there are some really good coupons out there for money off when you spend so much.

To learn about the CVS extra care program, check out this great explanation by Angie Hopkins.

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