Saturday, February 09, 2008

CVS Deals

Here is a picture of everything from our trip to CVS on Sunday. I spent 12 ECB's and about five dollars out of pocket for this deal. I earned 10 ecb's.

We stopped by again on Monday, and I spent $.85 out of pocket for these things. I used my 10 ecb's and got back 15 ecb's. The Nutter Butters were so we'd hit twenty dollars so I could use the 4/$20 coupon.
I went last night too, but I didn't take a picture of that trip. We just picked up the 2/$6 Dove chocolate. I had a bogo coupon, so that made it 2/$3 and then I had the CVS $1.50 off coupon. Ben wanted shoelaces for his brown dress shoes too, so we grabbed those so the total wouldn't be negative in case they would take the second CVS coupon on the chocolate. The computer wouldn't let the guy take the second $1.50 coupon, so out total was about $3 out of pocket, and I spent no ecb's. I earned 2 more ecb's with that deal. So they paid me $.50 to buy the chocolate.
I really wanted to pick up the Maybelline eye shadow deal, but they've been out of stock on those trios since Sunday morning. I half way wonder if they just emptied the display and will put them out again next week. But that doesn't really make sense, because they don't loose money on the deals or anything. I guess a gaggle of highly painted cvs-ers came in as soon as they opened and all bought up their limit of maybelline trios. They should be easy for me to spot, they'll be the ones with the sparkling teeth and perfect oral hygiene, that have the paper cuts and newsprint stained fingers that each have three eyeshadow colors on. Maybe they'll let me join the club. :D

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Jenna said...

I'm new to the CVS thing, and was noticing on yours and a couple of other blogs that no one ever mentions rainchecks when a great deal is out of stock. I have been CVSing for about a month, and most of the time by the time I get there every deal is cleaned out. BUT - not to worry - I just ask for a rain check. When the item is in stock again, I pull out the raincheck (which doesn't expire), get the sale price and the ECB credit. Depends on which cashier helps you, but they either deduct the ECB amount from the total (like a coupon) or give you a gift card for that amount. Don't miss out on your eyeshadow : )!!

Mary said...

I have not heard of CVS. What is it? Is it a particular store?

Melonie said...

I was wondering about the raincheck too! My mom reminded me of this for Walgreens deals - and I'm glad she did. We have gotten some good deals after the fact because of them. :-)

Bethany said...

Our CVS says no rainchecks on all the ECB deals. I guess they all can differ on their policies from place to place.

Mary, CVS is a drugstore, like RiteAid and Walgreens. They have a rebate program where you get your rebate right then on your register tape in store credit. always has lots of updates about the deals you can get. She also has a big explanation of how it all works.

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