Monday, February 11, 2008

E-book Brainstorming

I've been thinking of writing and setting up to sell some eBooks lately, and Crystal's Money Making post today is the start of a series about just that.

Here I'm going to make a quick list of things that I might have the experience and expertise to use as subjects for eBooks. Any ideas, feedback, suggestions, or questions would be welcome. And if you do any writing on the topic yourself, I'd love to link back to you, so feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Possible Topics for eBooks:

  • Series of How-To Begin Sewing
  • Detailing Particular Sewing Projects, like aprons or pillowcases to dresses
  • How-To of Different Sewing Techniques, like bias binding
  • Cooking Topics, like Gifts to Make, with ideas for packaging and pictures
  • More Original Patterns like those on my site, for Crochet and Knitting
  • Hand embroidery how-to
  • Embroidery designs and projects
  • Bread baking or pie making tutorials
  • Cookie baking or cake making tutorials and recipes
  • Saving money on weddings with projects for doing things yourself
  • Step by step of how to make your own tiered wedding cake with pictures
  • Slow cooker recipes
  • Meal planning/leftovers usage recipes
  • Jam/Jelly Making
  • Canning or drying or storing food
  • Card making projects/ideas

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Jamie said...

I think a seriously simple ebook on sewing could be a helpful thing! :-) I have been looking on the web for a how to website or something and it is hard to find anything really simple!

Suzie M. said...

I would love to see an e-book on how to begin sewing. This is something I've always wanted to learn how to do.
~ Suzanne

Melonie said...

Another vote for the sewing ebook! :-) With the way you lay out your posts, step by step, I think an ebook would be an excellent project. People can learn very easily from you!

Holler if you need an editor - I'll send you my resume. I'm open to bartering. ;-)

Michaelle said...

I vote for the breadmaking. I don't seem to see many recipes for bread made without a bread machine. I know we live in a modern world but I sometimes prefer the old fashioned way! :)

Babsi said...

Hi! You've got another vote for sewing! I think this is a lost art in homemaking so many women would love to learn how to do. It needs to be simple and uncomplicated and I'm sure it will do well!
Good luck!

Julie said...

I thought canning would be cool. I feel like it's a lost art.

Bethany said...

Thank you ladies all very much for your input! I think that I'll start with a nice beginning sewing series and then I can do some of the other ideas as well.

Since I like to have lots of pictures in my tutorials and how-to guides, some things, like the canning, will have to wait till I'm doing those things so I can get lots of action shots.

Anyone with any suggestions or requests regarding content is more than welcome to speak up. :)

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