Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Knitting Progress

Last week, I almost completely finished the sampler from The Sweater Workshop. There are all the edge finishings and hems still to finish. I've really enjoyed this project, it's been lots of fun to have so many techniques to practice, all in one small item. The sampler includes all the skills and stitch variations that could be needed to make any of the sweaters from the book.

I particularly am proud of this section. It's the first time that I've done two color knitting, and I even did it by holding each color in a different hand, so that I knit the green Continental style, even though I usually only ever knit with the yarn in my right hand.

And now, I'm setting aside my sampler for today and I'm embarking on some marathon knitting. I don't have a present for Ben for Valentine's Day, and he asked me not to spend money on him anyway, so I'm going to use the yarn leftover from Ali's present and knit him a pair of socks. I got them started this morning on dpn's and have put them on a long needle so I can knit them both at once - magic loop style. Here's the start of them. My goal for today is to finish the cuffs and get the heels turned. I won't have a lot of time to work on them tomorrow, so I'd like to have them in the home stretch by Thursday. It will be close, but if I'm willing to knit all day (and I am! I know, I'm so brave), I should have them done in time!

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Julie said...

That looks freakin' sweet! I have always wanted to learn how to do the two color knitting thing.

Hadias said...

I am amazed. The two colors look great together. And kniting two socks at once...by hand...I didn't even know that it was possible.

All hail the 'Knitting Queen'...;)

Joyce said...

Love the sampler -- quite impressive but socks .... this week? Wow!!

Yes, Knitting Queen!!

Melonie said...

WOW - you go, Project Girl! :-P

I just had to come back by and ask you if you're on Ravelry? My friend Jodi recommended it - I just got my invitation to join today and got in to check it all out. It's incredibly cool! You can request an invite at www.ravelry.com if you're not on there yet. If you are, look me up - I signed up as ravenwrites74. :-)

Bethany said...

I may have been fooling myself to think I can finish a whole pair of socks in three days, even if they are made of worsted weight. One day left, root me on ladies!

Jules, it's so much easier than you'd think. It's pretty fun. I might have to add a band of fair isle like that to my next project, just to practice some more.

Hadias and Joyce, thank you guys! I would definately not say knitting queen, there are much better knitters out there, but I sure appreciate the compliment.

Melonie, I've heard some really great things about ravelry, but I haven't joined yet. I guess I felt overwhelmed when I thought of one more site to check and update. But maybe I'll give it a try sometime, it does sound like people love it!

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