Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shouldn't a grown up cat know better?

Smudgie was confused by his own tail today. He actually tried to chase it a little. He pounced his own tail. I mean, he's like four years old. How long can it take to get used to having a tail? Sometimes I wonder about Smudgie.

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Alison said...

Brimley sits like that, too sometimes. I always laugh whenever he does.

Mary said...

It looks like he is letting it all hang out! :)
You asked about toe up socks on my blog. I usually just do a Turkish cast on of about 16 stitches and increase at the ends of each row till I get the size I want. I then knit until I have the foot about an inch and a half shorter than the foot that I am making it for. As for the heel I usually do the Alternative heel in "Crazy toes and heels" book. It seems to be the easiest heel for me. Then after the heel I usually do some kind of rib for up the leg. I really don't use many patterns except when doing a sock knit along in Ravelry. I'm hoping to write a pattern soon for some heart socks.
Hope my info helps.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!

Bethany said...

Yeah, it's always hilarious when he sits like that. He's kind of a big dorky cat.

Mary, thanks for the info on the socks. I'll have to check out that book. Do you have a good source for instructions for the Turkish cast on? I appreciate it.

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

Yes at You tube there is a video.


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