Friday, February 29, 2008

A Strange Week

Well, I had a much more productive day yesterday than I did the day before. It's funny, when I was young, a day spent doing nothing was fun, but now, I feel really bad about wasting time if I don't get anything done. Anyway, it was Ben's birthday, so I made him sticky buns and a little present and did the rest of my to do list too.

Since I had been lazy on Wednesday, I added the things from that list to my list yesterday. I did get the oven clean too. I sure hope no potatoes ever explode again, that was a BIG pain in the butt to clean up. The skin was completely empty too. That potato really exploded.

I started feeling very sick last night after dinner. I think I've got some kind of flu or something, because I still feel sick this morning. Headache and achey and stomach problems, sounds like a flu to me. I sure hope it goes away soon, I was really looking forward to spending the weekend with Ben.

So, since I'm not feeling awesome, and I got a ton done yesterday, I'm planning to take it easier today. I've only got four things on my list today other than the regular daily stuff. I have to wash the sheets and remake the bed, shred and freeze the chunk cheese in the fridge, clean the fridge out, and dust the furniture. I'm not going to add anymore to that, and then I'm going to spend the rest of the day embroidering. I'm practically finished with the pillowcase I started on Monday for Julia, and then I'm going to start another one of the projects in my embroidery box. I'm thinking a St. Patrick's Day banner from the holiday banner sets that I bought at the best little Ben Franklin ever on our drive to St. Louis from Phoenix. I'm be sure to post pictures later!

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Melonie said...

Hope you feel better soon! Love the notepad project - what a fantastic idea!!!

Bethany said...

Thanks Melonie. I'm feeling a little better. I keep feeling better, then feeling sick again. I guess I picked up a persistent bug.

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