Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Blessing of a Wonderful Day

I had such a special day yesterday. It was just what I needed. I've been feeling slightly down for a little while. I'm sure that it was just a number of things all piling up, hormones, coming down from visiting my family, being so sick last week, but it seemed like I couldn't get ahead of my emotions for a few weeks, and that can be so discouaging to me. So, just as I was starting to feel out and out depressed, God blessed me with a beautiful day to make my birthday so special and remind me how loved I am, by Him and my friends and family.

My best friends called or sent cards, my in laws emailed me and arranged some sort of surprise that's arriving soon (maybe those mystery flowers?), all my brothers and sisters and my mom and dad called. My sister Donna sang me the fun song they sing for birthdays at the restaurant where she works. Brother Adam sang me Happy Birthday on my voice mail, and seriously committed to it. My mom and brother Wayne sent me lotto scratchers, and my Grandma sent me a handwritten recipe from my Great-Grandma. Sister Angie called me from their vacation and she and her husband and their two boys all wished me happy birthday. My adorable niece Julia and nephew Logan sang Happy Birthday to me. As you can see, I was showered with blessings.

Then Ben actually took a couple of hours of the afternoon off and took me out to the movies. And took me shopping where ever I asked. And then offered me a fancy dinner. But I thought that it might be more fun to use that money on something that would last a little longer than food, so I twisted his arm and got him to go to Best Buy and look at video games. We picked out American Idol and spent the rest of a really great evening playing together and singing!

Not to mention, there were presents. He got me a book on gardening in Illinois and a knitting book with all cat related patterns. And, a subscription to Cook's Illustrated Magazine!

As wonderful and thoughtful all the gifts were, it was just such a blessing to be reminded how I fit into everyone's lives and that I'm a special daughter of God. I know that He celebrates each and every birthday with us, but I'm grateful to have that made so obvious to me this year.

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Jennifer Robin said...

Sounds like a truly special day. I'm a little envious of your subscription to Cooks Illustrated!

Bethany said...

Jennifer, it really was. I know, I'm very excited to get my first issue! I just love the recipes in that magizine.

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