Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Embroidered Easter Banner

Before I left on my trip to visit my family in MI, I'd finished the embroidery on this banner. It's part of a set of four in a packaged kit. Today I sewed the backing on, washed the ink marks out, and rigged up the hanger for it. To finish the edges, it was sewn right sides together to the backing, along the sides. A space for turning was left open at the top. After it was turned, and I used a chop stick to make the corners nice and sharp, the opening was slip stitched closed. The the top was folded down about an inch to the back and slip stitched to the backing fabric to form the rod pocket.

For the hanger, I used a small length of dowel, with two large wooden beads left from another project that just happened to fit right on the ends. I just tied the hanging ribbon around the dowel between the banner and the bead. I may paint the dowel and beads, if I can decide on a color that will go with all of the eight banners that I'm planning. Probably white. That way, I can use the same hanger with all the banners and just slip them on and off.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute. The possibilities of embrodery seem endless. Thanks for dropping me an entrecard the other day.


Bethany said...

You're welcome, it's a neat program.

You're right, the possibilities really are endless. I've always really enjoyed embroidery, you can make just about anything you can think of, and it can be really simple, or really complex.

Lynne said...

Very cute! I love little bunnies at Easter! I also like how you made the hanger, very creative and it looks good too!

Bethany said...

Lynne, thank you! I was pretty proud of the hanger! It was all luck that the various pieces fit together so well, but it ended up looking quite nice. I am planning to paint sometime when the weather turns a touch warmer and I can do it outside. It a small painting project, I know, but I'm such a klutz sometimes, it's just better for me to paint where no harm can be done.

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