Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Little Spring Cleaning

I've been seeing lots of spring cleaning on other blogs for the last few weeks, but I just haven't yet been hit by the springtime bug. Still seemed a lot like winter to me, I guess. But this morning, the sun was shining so I opened the windows to air the house, and it hit.

I ended up rearranging the bedroom furniture. Well, arranging it, to be honest, since it never really got put in with any kind of arrangement in the first place. I cleaned the floors, moved the furniture, dusted everything, and shook rugs outside. I set up my Glade wisp candle (thanks, CVS) and brought in a small table to hold Ben's clock beside the bed, since our bedside chests just wouldn't work in that configuration in this new bedroom.

I also usually resist spring cleaning, because I'm never sure what that means beyond regular cleaning. I suppose it means things like washing walls and rearranging closets. I guess I usually just prefer to spread those kinds of jobs out and do them a few a month. Maybe I'm missing the point? I also know that my plan doesn't always work, because when we moved out of the house in AZ, I found lots of places I hadn't ever cleaned. Like behind the washer and dryer. Or the back corners of all the closet floors. I guess those are the places spring cleaning is for?

Is anyone else doing any spring cleaning? Anyone know of any good resources for spring cleaning plans?

I also did a bunch of laundry and baked two loaves of that delicious bread. I may be addicted to that delicious bread. Of course, I don't really need to have two loaves around, but Ben wasn't home last night to finish what was left in the bottle of beer, so I figured two loaves made less wasted beer. Sure, it also called for the oven to be on twice as long. I didn't really think that one through. Then later on I thought, I bet I could use the flat beer in the bread. The yeast is doing the rising of the dough, and the recipe says the beer is for taste.

What do you all think? Is it worth trying with the leftover flat beer?

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Stephanie said...

I dont know but the bread sounds delish!

Amy Caroline said...

Fly lady has some great lists for spring cleaning. I actually decided to do my pring cleaning when I did because I read in a Catholic traditions book that it was traditionally done the week before Easter. I knew I had a LOT to do so I gave myself two weeks.
Generally I do the same thing and spread it all out too. This was just sort of intensive shampoo the carpets and mop the floor time. Although I did get into things like cleaning out some closets.

And I think the flat beer will be fine! Go for it!

Bethany said...

It is such good bread!

Amy, I don't know why I didn't think of checking Flylady. She's got plenty of good lists.

I'm thinking it might be better to break up a spring cleaning list into monthly jobs, and then actually write it down. That way, the jobs would all be spread out, and I wouldn't forget to clean things.

I'll try the flat beer this weekend, or Monday and see how it goes.

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