Friday, March 14, 2008

My Place in the World

I'm back home today and it feels really great to be here. I missed Ben a lot, and the kitty cats. I didn't get a chance to miss too much though, because I always stay really busy when I'm visiting my family. Here are the highlights of my week:

  • I shopped with my mom and oldest sister and tried to teach them to do CVS.
  • I baked a ton of cakes and put them together as a castle.
  • Visited with my Grandma and Aunt and Uncle and Cousins and Brothers and Sisters.
  • Surprised my nephew with a Castle cake.
  • Played Rock Band with Donna and Adam.
  • Cooked dinner for Ma and Dad and Adam and Grandma.
  • Taught Adam to make Cheddar soup.
  • Planned St. Patrick's Day surprises for Ben with my Mom's help.
  • Watched movies with my mom.
  • Played Wii with Cousin Greg and Adam.
  • Saw my niece and nephews.
  • Watched my dad's old super 8 films from Viet Nam and my parents' honeymoon.
  • Helped my mom sort and organize a ton of stuff in her room. (And got paid in vintage buttons!)
  • Talked politics and Dexter Cows with brother Wayne.
  • Got Dad's help planning the garden a bit.

One of the lowlights is the fact that I got very sick about a day ago, and I'm still not really feeling up to snuff. My ears and chest and throat are congested, and I've got a sore throat. Donna was sick with something similar, so I probably caught that. But Ben's offered to take care of me, so that's good.

There's also plenty to take care of here, the cats managed to knock the crown moulding off the top off the kitchen cabinets. They're so weird. So I'll have to take care of that. And there's a bird trapped in the eaves of the roof. I'm completely unsure of what action to take on that one. But it was really worth it, and it's so wonderful to get to visit everyone!

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Alison said...

Fweeter the Golden Bird had come to bless your eaves

Bethany said...

That must have been it! Whatever is was doing, it got out pretty soon after we heard it, but we still haven't figured out how it actually got in there.

It's always good when Fweeter comes around anyway.

Anonymous said...

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