Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still a bit under the weather

I had a great day yesterday celebrating St. Patrick's Day. There was some serious wearin' o the green at our house. Of course, I'm still in the grips of some sort of virus, so I'm quite sniffly and watery eyed. I haven't gotten a ton done since I've been home. Yesterday I did clean up most of the kitchen and emptied my suitcases, but there's quite a bit of cleaning to get done before the weekend so the house will be nice for Easter. I'm planning to do all the laundry today, and then do the floors and bathrooms and vaccum the couch and dust tomorrow and Thursday. That will give me more time to rest today before I tackle the harder jobs.

I don't have any progress to report on any knitting or sewing projects either, unfortunately. I've been knitting on my pi shawl for now. I've decided that instead of reserving it solely for travel knitting, I wanted to use it for mindless recuperating from a cold knitting as well. It's coming along, but pictures of progress on a million miles of stockinette stitch aren't particularly interesting.

I did finish embroidering my Easter decorative banner, but I've got to finish the edges and iron it, and then I'll take some pictures. It turned out pretty cute. Maybe this afternoon, I'll get out the Spring one and start on that.

Scroll down for the latest recipe Tuesday post detailing Corned Beef and Cabbage. You can also get a glimpse of me looking rotten from being so sick, yet bravely wearing my green! :D

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