Friday, April 25, 2008

Back to Business

Well, my brother and sister and cousin headed out last night. It was a very good time visiting with them. I hope they had a nice time as well. We took them to Forest Park and to the zoo. I'm not sure if we did all of what they wanted to do during their vacations, but we did get the gigantic pizza at Pointers, and that in its self was worth the price of admission, I'd say.

It was really fun having guests and doing a little extra special baking and cooking for them. The fruit and veggie trays were a big success. I made a batch of whole wheat Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins on Tuesday and served those with a loaf a banana bread I had in the freezer with the fruit and veggie trays every morning for breakfast. I think everyone enjoyed that, and it made breakfast prep very easy on me.

I'm afraid that I'm SO out of step with my peers, I even don't fit in very well with my own family sometimes. That was a difficult part of the week for me, but usually they accept our differences with good grace, as I try to do. I actually really enjoy looking at my family sometimes and thinking about how my parents raised such very different children all with such different priorities and interests. And yet, we can all relate to each other on at least one or two things.

I did show my sister how the CVS deals work, but unfortunately they don't have one, so she can't do the CVS thing on a regular basis. And we went to Sonic every day that they were here. Adam may love Sonic too much.

Today I'm planning to wash sheets and towels. There's lots of them to get taken care of with five people instead of only two. But there's not a ton of housework to do, actually. Eating at Sonic sure keeps the kitchen clean, I'll say that. Even though I'm sure it's not doing much for keeping my arteries clean.

Ben's going to bring home a lawn mower tonight, and hopefully it won't rain today or tomorrow and we'll be able to chop down the jungle we've got developing in the yard. We're getting a push mower for at least this summer, and we're actually both looking at that as enforced exercise. I'm afraid that the winter was hard on our weight since we were much more used to the physical activity that living in Phoenix automatically provided, and we're both looking for something to get us motivated to move more. I've definately got to get my bike fixed up this weekend too. The movers really did a number on it, so I want to take it in for a tune up. I really miss my bike! I used to ride almost everyday in AZ. So, I'm gearing up for summer today and looking forward to some warmer weather activities!

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Julie said...

You want enforced excercise?? Get one of those dumb little Amish mowers. Now THAT's exercise, and a learning experience. I learned more 4 letter words mowing with that stupid thing than I've ever learned before. :) And they're good for the environment!

Molly said...

well, I'm 32 (so a peer, right?!)and you definitely "fit in" with me! So glad you had a nice week. . .

Melonie said...

I'm 33... so what does that say about me? LOL

Hey - I just have to tell you - I'm SO enjoying the goodies you sent. I think I'm officially addicted to the scrubbies. Know what I figured out? My hands are SO SOFT because when I'm done using a scrubby I stand there and rub it and rinse it really well... and it is actually making my *normally very dry and itchy by this time of year* hands stay soft and smooth. Yowsa. I may start taking one into the shower as a body scrubber!!!! (Doesn't hurt that my favorite color is red. heehee)

Have you ever thought of opening an Etsy shop for your handmade items or wholesaling to a small/home-based business? You do such beautiful work. I'm sure it would bring in some "pin money", as my great-gramma used to say.

Bethany said...

Julie, I saw one of those at an auction sale yesterday and told Ben what you'd suggested, but he didn't seem inclined to put in quite THAT much enforced exercise.

Molly thanks, sometimes I feel like such an odd duck, I guess.

Melonie, I'm really glad you like them! Don't you think that scrubby might hurt your skin a little? Maybe not though, I've just never have thought to clean myself with one. I should come up with a bigger person sized one for the shower.

I don't usually sell knitted or crocheted things because it's difficult to get the price for them that would be worth the time. And I do enjoy the time I spend on them, but if I were to feel like I have to make them, that might take a lot of the fun out of it. I have been throwing around the idea of an esty store lately, because my domain name expired, and I'm on the fence about renewing it. I thought etsy would be a much better outlet for patterns and such. And I could always just sell things as I make extra and not feel like it's a job. I'll check etsy out some more this week.

Thanks for the compliments as well. It's good that you like your prize so much!

Melonie said...

I agree - an Etsy site wouldn't feel so much like trying to run a business - and you also wouldn't have the eBay hassles so many people complain about lately.

As for the scrubby - I use one of those nylon "pouf" thingies anyway. I've learned to have a lighter touch thanks to those. But they do exfoliate really well (especially if you are getting ready for self-tanner season; don't have time for that any more, but back in the day, they were the perfect solution). I wonder - if you did an oven mitt shape.... it would be like a shower scrubby that people couldn't drop. :-)

Erica said...

so this is totally off topic, but i found a post on that you posted in 2004 about pineapples coming to get you. the picture doesn't work and i wondered if you could maybe post it again if you still have it?


LeeAnn said...

Thanks for the tip on the bakery buckets for storage--and for visiting my blog. Right now the largest containers I have are gallon pickle jars, which I store my rice in (yes, the "massive" stockpile of 20# of rice!!!) and some smaller snapware for lentils and such.

I don't knit but I'm looking forward to poking around your blog.

Bethany said...

That was a scan of a cover of a vintage crochet pattern book. I've looked around and it's not on the computer anymore, and the book it's self is burried deep in the unpacked books (the only things left in boxes from our move). But if I run across it and remember, I'll take a pic and post it again and let you know.

I hope you can find some. My grocery store was really nice about it and offered me more than I needed. They're very useful, but I don't need the extra clutter, so I left them for the next person. Hope you find some things here on my blog you can enjoy. I've got lots of food and recipe posts as well as the crafting things.

Have a good day!

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