Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Catching Up

Well, we had a beautiful weekend. On Saturday we sold the big weight machine that didn't fit in this house, so that much more of the garage is clear, and we're $100 richer toward our lawn mower fund. I also did a little shopping with my Associated Content earnings and picked up some homesteading magazines and some knitting magazines and the most recent Monica Ferris mystery novel.

On Sunday, the sun was shining so warm and bright! I couldn't resist sitting outside and reading my new book for a few hours while Ben was finishing some work he had to catch up on. We planted a Forsythia in the front corner of the yard as well. The very first thing we've planted here at our new house! We went to mass in the evening and then tried out the very popular custard place. It was pretty good, but there's always way more ice cream in a cone than I actually want to eat. We also went to the Shop N Save to pick up an empty frosting bucket they were saving for me, so now I can get the 25 lb bag of bread flour off the counter and put away.

I got really sunburned on Sunday though! So yesterday was a bit of a slower day, since I was recovering. I sent out the prizes for my contest and swept the floors. I hemmed some pants of Ben's, and they came out well, so I'm planning to do the other two pair that need hemming today. We had baked potatoes and chili for dinner last night, and while we were eating, Ben looked out the window and saw a huge RV in our driveway!

There was an older couple and their granddaughter and they were try their best to turn their giant RV and big truck around without going onto our grass. They'd taken a wrong turn and ended up on our little dead end road. It took quite a while, since they were being very careful not to drive into our yard, and they had to avoid the fences at the end of our driveway, and our road is only about a lane or so wide. In the end, he managed it, so I was pretty impressed. They only went on the grass a little bit at the very end of the driveway, but they felt bad about that. I told them, if I'd been driving, the truck would probably be upside down and the fences and mailbox would be demolished. Anyway, when they got onto the road again, we went out to say hello, and I took them out some banana muffins so they'd know there were no hard feelings. Turns out, they were headed to Grand Rapids, from AZ!

Today I'm planning to make some whole wheat tortillas. The recipe is from Laura's Totally Tortillas eBook. I'll post pictures and a price breakdown later today.

Also for today, I have some knitting and embroidery plans. I've knit my way through enough balls of cotton in the recent weeks that I'm completely dishclothed out, but I did break my yarn diet a tad while we were in KY, and I'm planning to start my souvenier shawl made from the alpaca yarn I got at Shakertown. As for embroidery, I still have my Easter banner hanging on the wall, because I haven't finished (or even started) the Spring one yet, so I want to get working on that. It'd be nice if I could at least change it by Pentecost, when Easter season officially ends. I guess the Catholic calendar is a great thing for procrastinators?

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