Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making Do

I didn't post yesterday because, to be honest, I didn't really do anything much yesterday because I was feeling very sick. I don't know if it was something I ate, or if I had some sort of twenty-four hour bug, but I spent a lot of the day over the toilet. One good thing about that is that the toilets are very clean, because I have a tendency to clean them while I'm, let's say, hanging out by them.

I'm feeling better today. A little slow moving and weak maybe, but not so dizzy and I've gotten some things done already, so I'm feeling accomplished. My abs are killing me though. I feel like I spent the night doing sit ups and crunches.

Since I don't have any progress or interesting news from yesterday (Other than the fact that I asked Ben to please make me some mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and he boiled 13(!) potatoes. We'll be eating potatoes for a week and a half.) I decided that I'd offer some pictures of what I did on Monday.
I've been wishing I could find one of those awesome vintage Tupperware veggie trays at Goodwill or a rummage sale, because I want to have a crudite/fruit tray ready at all times to make healthy eating a little easier. I don't want to use a tray with no cover because the cut veggies will dry out much too quickly, and all the separate containers aren't quite as convenient.

This is what I came up with for now. I decided it's silly to wait around when I could just figure something out for the mean time. The container was actually left here by the previous owners of the house, I found it in the top of the pantry cupboard. I've used some small low square containers to section it off, and filled each section with a different veggie or fruit.

Ben's very glad with the result, and it's proven very useful when packing lunches and for on the dinner table as well. I think it'll be great for when compnay comes too, so there will always be healthy snacks available, and they won't have to find a peeler or cutting board just to have some carrot sticks. Here is another picture from Monday. You may remember I had some milk that was sour that had to get used up, so I made a double batch of pancakes. I cooked them all on the griddle (8 at a time makes it so much easier!), and then I layed them on a cookie sheet with waxed paper between the layers. I put this in the freezer, and when they've frozen hard, I put them all into freezer-style ziploc bags. This way, we just pull a couple out and toast them and they're all set to eat for breakfast.

The sink is full of water because I bleached and scrubbed it and wiped down all the counters after I'd finished the pancakes. You can see, I also cleaned the drip tray and dish drainer. I've been working on doing some extra deep cleaning this week, since I'll be having company next week. My little brother Adam, my sister Donna, and my cousin Greg are coming down to visit us! I'm very excited about it, and I want to make their visit really nice.

Today or tomorrow, I'm planning to bake a bunch of different kinds of muffins to freeze, so then I can have them to offer an assortment to my guests. We're having lots of company in the coming months, actually. My parents and my other sister are coming at the end of May and then directly after them, my in-laws and Ben's brother, Joe are coming to visit. So I'm going to let myself go crazy muffin baking and try some new recipes I've been wanting to experiement with, since they'll keep so well in the freezer and I'll have lots of people to feed soon.

I'm also hoping to work on the embroidered Spring banner some more. I also want to plan a new project. My nephew is having his first communion in a couple of weeks, and I want to make him a special rosary pouch with embroidery on it. I haven't decided what motifs I'll embroider, so I think I'll browse around online and see if anything catches my eye.

There's also lots of cleaning to do, like scrubbing the guest bathrooms and mopping all the floors, but I may leave that till tomorrow, since I'm still feeling recuperative (is that even a word?). Today I'm setting myself the sure goal of two loads of laundry and getting all my baskets that have been in a pile in the living room since we moved in put away and arranged nicely.

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Toner said...

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Alison said...

the above comment made me laugh.

Anyway, glad to hear you're feeling better. I had a 24-hr bug a few weeks ago and had a 102 fever and it was so terrible. When I woke up the next morning I felt absolutely fine.

13 potatoes is a bit much. Maybe Ben was just trying to drop a hint that you don't make potatoes nearly as much as he would like.

Alison said...

also, while Adam and Greg are both there, could you take a picture of them side by side? I know that sounds weird, but everytime I see a pic of Adam I always think of how much he looks like Greg. I mean, I haven't seen Greg since high school, so my memory of his appearance might be fuzzy... not that I remember him being fuzzy... well, you know.

Actually, scratch that, I'm sure that would be weird for Greg and Adam to pose for a picture for someone they haven't seen in 10 years. Yeah.

Bethany said...

Alicat, I'm pretty sure that at least half of the times I serve potatoes, Ben's wishing I would serve rice or couscous or something. I'm not sure why he made so many potatoes. I'm pretty sure he just had no idea how much actual potato is in a potato.

Also, I'm sure I can get them to pose for you. I'm sure it won't even be hard to do. It'll probably go along the lines of
Me: "hey, you guys stand there, I'm going to take your picture."
Adam: "k"
Greg: "Bam! *random singing*"

Alison said...

I'll keep an eye out for a veggie tray for you. We were at an antiques market today and I looked around but I didn't find anything.

Bethany said...

I saw one today at the Goodwill that's the kind where the dip bowl is attached in the middle and has a cover to seal it, but the tray part doesn't have a cover. And at the Dollar Tree, they have a few different kinds that are divided trays, but they don't have lids to seal the veggies. So, thanks for the offer, I'd love it if I could get one of those good tupperware ones that seal the veggie sections. Or some of those tupperware pie piece shaped containers!

Alison said...

yeah, I saw some like that, too, but they didn't have covers either.

They have one a Bed Bath and Beyond that is nice for when you have guests over. It has 5 compartments for veggies and they all have hinged lids. Under it there is a compartment for ice so they stay nice and cold while they are not in the fridge. It's only $25. That could be something to keep in mind if you aren't able to find the one you're looking for.

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