Monday, April 28, 2008

Menu for 4-27 to 5-3

This week I'm trying something a little new with my menu plan. I've added afternoon snacks for the weekdays and put in some notes and more detail. The noted info is partly for me, to remind myself to do things (like brown some hamburger meat separately on Thurs) and partly for you all, in order to explain better how my menu plan works, and why I choose meals in the order and with the sides that I do.

We have two chickens in the fridge this week, but I'm planning to only cook one and freeze the other till next week or the week after. Even so, the menu is chicken heavy this week to use up all of one chicken. We got a great deal on ground beef two weeks ago ($1.69 lb.) so I've got plenty of that for the non-chicken nights.

My fruit and veggies trays went so well with our company, that I'm planning to do that for us this week as well. I chunked up a pineapple, a watermelon, some grapes, and some strawberries and just piled them into a tray. I'm not sure if I'll use the same fruits this week, I'll have to check sales and see what looks good, but it should be similar. This is perfect for breakfast, so that's what's being served with pancakes everyday. Ben will just put together a serving size container before bed to take with him.

For the veggie tray, I just keep a constant supply of carrot and celery sticks, green pepper rings, cucumber slices and brocolli florets. It sure has been helping me to actually remember to eat the fruits and veggies we buy.

I might make some desserts this week too. Since I'm making crust for the pot pie anyway, I might as well see if there's any good apples for a pie, or maybe do a berry pie, depending what's on sale. I've also been itching to make a cake, because I picked up new square layer cake pans at the dollar store, and my sister delivered a square cake plate from my mom last week too. The call of a square cake may prove too strong for me to resist.

B: Cereal
L: Turkey Sandwiches with veggies and cheese
D: Pasta with spinach salad and garlic bread

B: Muffins (last of them from the freezer)
L: Pasta (leftovers from last night with garlic bread and salad)
Snack: Yogurt and Carrot Sticks
D: French Toast (using up last week's getting stale bread) with sausage and OJ

B: Pancakes (from the freezer) with PB and fruit (from fruit tray assortment)
L: Hot Dogs with veggie sticks
Snack: Crackers with Peanut Butter
D: Roasted Chicken with Rice and Asparagus

B: Pancakes
L: Chili (from freezer) and Baked Potato
Snack: Apple and String Cheese
D: Chicken Pot Pie (using most of the roasted chicken and leftover veggies with some canned veggies in a homemade crust)

B: Pancakes
L: Chicken Fried Rice (using leftover rice from Tuesday night and last of the roasted chicken)
Snack: Yogurt and Veggie Sticks
D: Meatloaf with Salad and Twice Baked Potatoes (making enough potatoes for Wed. lunch to turn into twice baked for this dinner)

B: Apple Muffins (Baked Thursday to replenish freezer stock)
L: Meatloaf Sandwiches
Snack: Cut Fruit and String Cheese
D: Pizza Night! (save out hamburger from meatloaf to brown for topping)

B: Leftover Pizza
L: Mac&Cheese
D: Hot Dogs and Veggie Sticks

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Christy DeKoning said...

Wow. You are so organized. I had bread and chicken all ready here for sandwiches tonight, but somehow we ended up with Whoppers instead. I'm regretting it now of course. You've inspired me to plan a little better for the rest of the week.

Bethany said...

It's almost weird, I know, but otherwise I'm headed straight through the drive thru, or I'm eating entire boxes of cheez its for dinner. Being this detailed is my defense against hunger stealing my emotional control. :D

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