Friday, April 11, 2008

More Past Projects

Here are a few more projects that pre-date this blog.

This dress was for my niece, Julia. I always called it her picnic dress. Sometimes I'm surprised when I'm able to come up with something that I'd see in a magazine and show to who ever I'm with and say, isn't that clever. This project is like that for me. I always want to give past me a pat on the back for the original idea. I was inspired by the ants, I think, and then Adam wanted gingham curtains, so I bought extra for this project. Once I saw the gingham, the whole thing just came together in my mind.

Adam wanted a vest to wear to a formal with his then-girlfriend. She had a pink dress with black, and he wanted to match her. We looked and looked for pink and black plaid or pink and black anything, for that matter, but could not find any. I ended up layering black netting on pink broadcloth to make a pink and black design fabric. The accents are black satin. I made the "tuxedo stripes" by laying the black netting on the pink broadcloth and serging the together with a rolled hem to finish the edges. Then I slipstitched them by hand to the outer seam of the pants from a thrift store suit.

Believe it or not, this was a compromise from his original request that I make him an entire three piece suit from pink and black plaid fabric. Adam is always very ambitious for me.

Here is an afghan I made for my parents for Christmas one year. I'm posting this one mainly for Julie's benefit. See the Union? Each star with the blue around it is a separate piece. I sewed them all together. The stripes are all one piece, and then the Union was sewn into the space left for it in the stripes. Hope that helps you understand what I was talking about, about sewing blocks together.

Also, though it's completely random, I really want to link to this article. It says a lot of things that I think, but haven't really articulated. I'm glad she's done the articulating so well for me.

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