Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First Time

Mowing the lawn, that is.

Our lawn was getting very long, but it seemed like every time it would get close to dry enough to mow, it would downpour again. This weekend we finally had bought a lawn mower AND it was dry enough to mow. We have two acres to mow, but we figure that we can't afford a rider to next summer or the one after, since we bought a rototiller this spring. So, Ben picked up a nice little push mower.

I've never mowed the lawn with a push mower before. It's sad to admit that, but I've never owned a house with a lawn before, and my dad wouldn't teach me how when I lived at home. I think that's because he thought I'd do something ditzy like mow over a bush, or my foot. I can't promise I wouldn't have either. I can be pretty ditzy sometimes.

Ben put the mower together and did the larger side of the lawn and then set me to work in the front on what was remaining. I had fun! I know I won't be having fun with it all summer, but I actually enjoyed it this time. It's sort of like cleaning up something really dirty or vacuuming something really dusty. You can really see your progress. And the before/after result is so pronounced, you really feel like you've accomplished something.

I guess it's a good thing I enjoyed it, because there's still a big chunk in the back to finish, because it was too wet to do with the rest. I do have to say that I'm glad the way back of our property isn't properly seeded. It makes that much less to mow for now.

So the verdict on lawn mowing is a positive one for now, but I'm pretty sure it's much too inconsistent to count as exercise, even though it's really hard work. Maybe I can just have the most uneven lawn ever, and do a little bit every day.

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Julie said...

I used to like mowing... then I was introduced to the stupid little amish mower. So, now I make Brian do it. :) On the bright side - it'll save us from the $4/gallon gas.

bonoriau said...

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Alison said...

I used to have to mow the lawn all the time. Before we moved to Pinconning we had a lot of land. Ever since I was old enough to use a mower, I had to mow the lawn. We had two push mowers nad it would take my mom and I (of course my step-dad never mowed) almost a whole week to mow the lawn. We did it in sections and by the time we mowed the last section, it was time to go back and start over.

When we moved up north we didn't have a very big lawn, but my mom and step-dad bought a rider mower then. I think my step-dad actually bought it so he could use it as a means of transportation. Lazy. Anyway, I had to mow the lawn all the time then, too. Though, I didn't mind as much then.

I hadn't touched a mower in nearly 10 years, then I mowed for our landlord a few times and had so much fun. I understand what you're saying about seeing your progress, I think that's what I like about it, too, because it's such a dramatic difference.

Bethany said...

The do a section every day and then start over the next week plan is sort of what I was thinking of doing for our lawn. But Ben seemed to think that a constantly uneven lawn was a bad thing or something. He's willing to mow, but I'd way rather do it myself than give up my saturday's to him mowing the lawn all day. If I section it front to back, he'll probably never notice it's uneven.

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