Thursday, April 10, 2008

Past Projects

A greatest hits type of post, if you will. I've decided to post some pre-blog projects, so as to document them.

This an outfit from Sew Beautiful Magazine that I made a number of years ago for my cousin's son. The front panel/bib is interchangable and I made another with a sailboat on it as well. The little shirt buttons through the bib and to the pants. It buttoned in the back as well, and there's snap tape on the crotch for diaper changes. The back snaps closed with little blue enamel snaps. I'm a huge fan of snaps. I just like the look, I guess.

Here is a doily I crocheted from a vintage pattern. It's made with size 20 Cebelia.

The tray is one that Ben and I figured for displaying things. It's a regular tray from Michael's, finished with stain and poly spray. Then we cut plexiglass to fit and edged it with quarter round moulding. I glued the molding to the plexi with contact cement. I added the ribbon loop at one end between the molding and plexi to easily lift it in order to change out what's in it.

This would be a great way to do seasonal displays, using greeting cards or vintage linens. Mine pretty much always holds the blue doily, but now that I've seen this picture, I remember that I had every intention of changing it often. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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Celene said...

Hi Bethany. Welcome to this part of the world. I live about 60 miles east of St. Louis. You do some pretty work. The tortillas look pretty good. Makes me hungry. I'll be checking back again! Stay dry and God Bless, Celene
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Bethany said...

Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you liked what you saw!

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