Monday, April 14, 2008

Problems with EntreCard

I've really been enjoying Entrcard for all the cool blogs I've found while dropping cards, and I know I've been getting lots of traffic from other droppers, but I've been having some big problems with it.

Every time I go dropping, things will be fine for a little while, but then my computer will start acting funny. Like explorer won't open links, even when I right click and open link in new tab or window. Or Explorer will shut it's self down. I'm afraid that somehow the blogs I'm visiting are putting harmful cookies or code on my computer? The only way to get IE to work normally again is a restart.

This has really put a damper on my card dropping, since I rarely want to do it, one, because I'm worried about what might be getting on my computer, (even though Norton says there's nothing but cookies), and two, because it takes so much time, especially with a few restarts, to drop even 100 cards.

Any other Entrecarders have problems like this? Any suggestions?

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feefifoto said...

I don't know if you've come across this yet but just in case, I read an article last week with a very good suggestion for making EC dropping quicker and easier. First, I'm dropping via Firefox, which many people seem to find superior to IE; I don't know why but I just do what my computer guys tell me to do.

Firefox has an addon called "Perma Tabs", which allows you to open long strings of EC links each in its own tab. I wish I were better at explaining it but, while I'm a geek, I'm apparently not the right kind of geek; still, I've found it easy to install and use and it's made EC more tolerable.

CastoCreations said...

I stopped using IE ages ago. It just sucks so bad. :) I admit that it took some time to do the switch but I am in love with Firefox now. I highly recommend it. It's free to install and I LOVE having tabs instead of all the extra windows.

Bethany said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll install firefox and see if that helps with the problems. Maybe I can get back to dropping more often. I owe a ton of people drops, but with the way the browser messes up, I haven't even been signing in to Entrecard the last couple of days.

Waterrose said...

I use a mac and have safari and firefox. I'm partial to safari and since it has a tab option I just click on the cards that I want and each tab opens then I go through and drop...and read some of the blogs and leave comments. I think that some blogs have a lot of graphics/flash and that makes it take forever for the blog to open. If I have issues I just close that window and go on. I also close windows very quickly if obnoxious music comes on.

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