Friday, April 18, 2008

Vintage Appliances

Last time I was home visiting my family in MI, I asked my parents' advice about how to save energy and cut back on propane use. I'd told them that Ben and I had decided that we wouldn't turn the oven on more than one time a day, and that I would try to have at least some days in the week when I wouldn't turn the oven on at all.

They suggested that we get a toaster oven for preparing small things or reheating leftovers. I thought that was a good idea, but since the point was to save money, I didn't want to just go out and buy a new one. I mentioned it to Ben as something we might look for at thrift stores, and then promptly forgot it.

Then God provided a toaster oven. We found this at a yard sale down the street for five dollars. It even still has the original book with it. On the warranty page, it's handwritten, "12-24-74". Someone either really loved their Christmas present or never touched it, because it's in perfect clean condition. I really like the look of it to tell the truth, even though it buzzes when it's heating, and I'm afraid it might burn the house down. It's got a definate flair to it.

We've been wanting to buy a pressure canner for years, ever since Ben decided his favorite hobby (after video games) is canning. But the ones in stores all are so small (a five quart pressure canner? that doesn't seem adequate at all) and so expensive! We'd just about decided that this is the year we have to have one, since we'll have the big garden this year, and we were going to get one this summer.

Well, through the very appreciated generosity of nice women, God's provided us with a pressure canner too. One of the women in the homemaker's club is also in a gardening club, and one of those members had decided not to can anymore, and gave all her canning things away. Not only did my friend check with her about whether they were still available, she even picked them up and delivered them to me!

It is slightly chipped on the enamel, but it's in good shape otherwise, and we'll just have to get it a new rubber seal thinger. It also has the instruction book with it! The copyright in the book is 1974.

Along with the pretty sunny yellow Presto pressure canner, she gave me four dozen quart canning jars! I surprised Ben, just telling him that one of the ladies was coming over last night to drop something off. He was really excited when he saw what that something was!

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Alison said...

Target provided us with a nice toaster oven. I LOVE having one. Last weekend I baked cupcakes and I have a cupcake tray that makes 6. It fits perfectly in the toaster oven. I like it so much more than having to heat up the regular oven for something that small.

Bethany said...

Yeah, I think it'll come it really handy this summer when it's just too hot to want the big oven on at all!

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