Friday, April 04, 2008

Who wants to come over to my house?

And help me take all the stuffing out of the couch cushions and then re-stuff them? Wouldn't that be exciting? No takers? Okay, I'll just keep fluffing and fluffing. Well, I say fluffing, but it's more like a frantic whipping to get the stuffing to stop clumping.

Anyway, I noticed the very sorry state of my cushions yesterday because I vacuumed the couch. It takes me so long to do that job, I always put it off. But with the three cats, the couch gets furry, so it had to be done. Now, there's got to be something wrong when it takes almost an hour to vacuum the couch. I know that our couch is huge and being a sectional, it comprises a room's worth of furniture, but still, am I the world's slowest vacuumer? Maybe if I actually did it once a week, like I always promise myself I will, it wouldn't take so long to get it clean as it does with my regular bimonthly schedule. Maybe 2 months X 3 cats + 1 monstrous sectional = ~1 hour of vacuuming.

I hope everyone who wants to enter the contest has gotten their comments in! The drawing will be this evening, so there's merely hours left. I'm planning a surprise that goes along with that that will be announced later, as well.

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Melonie said...

I think your time consumed, so to speak, is pretty dead on. Considering how much hair used to get *stuck* in the fibers of the couch I had when I allowed the dog on it - yeah. It's verrrrry time consuming! Even if you do make time to do it weekly, it's still not an easy task.

And in response to your comment on my blog about the contest - wasn't bucking for an extra entry LOL but I'll take it. Just wanted to help spread the word because it's a cool, fun contest!

Have a great weekend!

Bethany said...

I know! It's Monday now, and truthfully, the couch could use another hard vacuuming. I'm not going to do it, of course, I've got to draw the line somewhere. It can wait till Thursday.

Grandmother Wren said...

I'm not sure about those couch cushions and you've probably got them done by now anyway (don't you?)
I want to come to your house simply because you have a very cool blog. It's my first visit here from entre card and I'm enchanted. I'll settle for putting you in my favorites instead.
You know, just so I won't get arrested and all...

Bethany said...

Grandmother Wren, thank you for your comment, I'm flattered you like my blog.

Also, thanks for not stalking me! :D

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