Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Whole Wheat Tortilla Endeavor

On a whole, I'd say the tortillas were a pretty good succes. Laura's recipe from Totally Tortillas certainly makes a dough that's super easy to work with. The flavor was very good and I did feel like they tasted better than store bought tortillas. Probably a ton better than store bought whole wheat tortillas, I've never even bothered with those.

Here is the dough right after I've mixed it up and shaped it on the counter.

You then separate it into 12 equal portions. (Any excuse to use my dough scrape, and I'm there!)
Here are all the tortillas after I've rolled them out and before cooking them.

Here is one of the tortillas cooking in the cast iron skillet. No one ever accused me of rolling out perfect circles, that's for sure.

This picture shows the totillas laid out with all the other fillings for yesterday's lunch. Ben was here until about noon, so I did lunch buffet style with the fresh tortillas.

Now for the price break down:

There are about twenty cups of flour in a five pound bag, and I paid $5.65 for this whole wheat flour. (That was before the prices went up, so I'm sure that there are different prices in the stores now.)

$5.65 / 20 = $.28 per cup

$.28 X 3 cups = $.85 for the flour in this recipe

There are 32 tablespoons in a pound of butter, and though I won't always get it at so low a price I stocked up a few weeks ago at Sam's Club, where a pound costs $1.80. (I'm always on the look out to get it cheaper on sale, because it can sometimes be found for less.)

$1.80 / 32 = $.06 per tablespoon

$.06 X 5 = $.30 for the butter in this recipe

The salt and the tap water are a negligible amount because the salt is far less than a penny ($.003) and I'm sure a cup of tap water is too.

So twelve tortillas made with this recipe with my costs comes out to $1.15.

$1.15 / 12 = ~$.10 per tortilla

Of course, at the moment this doesn't really tell me much, because I don't remember what we paid for the last pack of tortillas that we bought, but I'm sure $1.15 per dozen must be a savings on store bought whole wheat tortillas.

Ben was very pleased with this lunch. It was tasty and healthy, and the tortilla really added some "filling power" to all those veggies. I haven't figured out the cost of the servings of veggies and turkey and cheese sprinkling, but I'm sure that they entire lunch was under a dollar each with two wraps apiece. If I were the gambling sort, I'd bet it was less than a $1.50 all together. But that math will have to be for a different day when I have the reciepts for the veggies in front of me.

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Julie said...

Nice! I'm going to have to try those.

Bethany said...

I think you guys would really like them.

Waterrose said...

Your tortilla's look wonderful...and probably much healthier than you get in the store....or mexican restaurants.

Lynne said...

I'd love to have a cast iron skillet! I think that's the only way to make good fried potatoes, they have to be done in cast iron.

CastoCreations said...

Wow. Those look amazing. I definitely want to try those. I love the whole wheat store bought ones but I'm sure that these taste way better. :)

Bethany said...

They are really good and fresh tasting. And I don't know a ton about nutrition, but I'm sure they're probably really healthy just because of the whole grain and what's not in them. (preservatives, etc.)

Lynne, at first I resisted, but now I'd love to convert completely to cast iron. I just want to find a better way to store them than stacking them on the stove top.

Shirley said...

Since I am diabetic these look like a great alternative to bread. I will be trying them. Sure would like to know the carb count per item.
You did leave out 2 things when calculating cost per tortilla and that was the cost of electric or gas to cook and the time, after all time is money. But even so they are still cheaper than store bought and so much more healthier. No preservatives!
Thanks for this recipe.
More Great Low-Carb Recipes

Bethany said...

Shirley, I don't have the nutrition info for my flour, but it would be easy to figure, just check a serving size of whole wheat flour, figure out how many servings are in 3 cups of flour, multiply the carbs in one serving by this many servings, then divide by twelve for the twelve tortillas. Don't forget that it's lots of carbs, but figure the fiber as well, since that's part of the carb count. They'd have a ton more fiber than white flour ones.

As for figuring the other costs, I'd love to figure out how much propane the stove uses per minute, but I'm just not at all sure how to figure my propane costs for this kind of thing. And time isn't a cost I ever count, because it's my job to provide good food and lovely things for my husband as a homemaker, so I figure any time I spend doing something fun and healthy like is just time well spent.
Thanks for your comment.

Dee S. said...

I love this site. Found it through entrecard. I must try the castlecake. And Now you have me on this tortilla kick, although I'm on Weight Watchers Core Program. I will blame you at my weigh in. :) Naw, just kidding...My daughter will love these.

Bethany said...

Dee, welcome to my blog! I hope you'll continue to visit and enjoy it.

disa said...


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