Monday, May 12, 2008

Beachy's Bulk Foods

We visited Beachy's Bulk Foods in Arthur, IL while we were on our weekend trip. It's an Amish run bulk foods store that draws in tons of customers, both Amish and "English".

It was really great. Very large, with lots and lots of selection and some really good prices.

Here is the aisle of baking items and flours. I picked up some evaporated cane juice crystals, and some graham flour and some dutch processed cocoa powder and some sucanat sweetener. I was very tempted by the bulk brown sugar and yeast, but couldn't justify the purchases since I'm stocked up on those.

Here is some very pretty Star Anise in the spice aisle. I didn't get any, because I don't care for the taste. But I was tempted, just because it was so big and pretty.
The spice aisle was amazing. I wish I could have one of everything, just to line up and look at. All the colors and scents were just so cool to experience.

Here are whole nutmegs. I've been on my last one from the Mexican food store back in AZ for about a month, and it's practically gone, so I'm really glad to have stocked up on some more. I got one of the small containers, on the left. I'll have to count how many are in it when I put everything away later.

Other than the baking supplies, I also got some canning jar lids, some bulk low sugar sure gel for making jam and jelly, some borax and washing soda to make laundry detergent, and 200 muffin papers. Ben picked out millet, quinoa, bean soup mix, some dried fruit and a gallon sized jug of popcorn.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend you check out Beachy's. It was so much fun, and I'm already looking forward to going back!

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Julie said...

Whoa. I don't think our amish store is that coold

CastoCreations said...

That is incredible!!! I've never been to any store like that. Of course our Amish population in Washington is ... maybe 10 people. LOL :)

With my new cooking bug I'd be in heaven. lol

Thanks for the idea on using my new custard bowls too. I'm so 'new' to cooking that I'd never think of something like that. =)

Bethany said...

I didn't know it was so huge! The one in Clare is much smaller. This one was big big. But the one in Clare has slightly better prices too, so I think I might prefer smaller/better prices. But Beachy's has great prices compared to regular stores and it was lots of fun to go into a store like that that was so big! They had tons of things I'd never even heard of.

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