Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Making Pepperoni

Last week I made some pepperoni using this recipe from Tammy's Recipes. I used two pounds of the ground beef that we'd gotten such a good deal on ($1.69 a lb.) a couple of weeks ago. We did have to spend a bit to get the ingredients that we didn't have on a hand (tender quick and mustard seed) but cost of the actual amount used was not much. I'd do the math, but Ben picked that stuff up after work one day, and that receipt has disappeared!

Here is the meat mixed up with all the spices after it has rested in the fridge for two and a half days.

Here is my attempt at making two equal logs of the mixture. That was actually the hardest part, because the meat was sticky, so I had a hard time making them uniform and solid.

The pepperoni bakes for most of the day at 200 degrees. I baked mine for seven hours. I think it maybe should have baked only five or six though. Our oven seems to bake quite hot. Here it is all finished as Ben sliced it up.

This is a pretty gross picture, but it seems worth showing. This is the bottom of the broiler pan with all the fat that dripped out of the meat. The two pounds of hamburger produced one pound of pepperoni. I'm sure a lot of the difference was all this fat it lost, and the rest would be moisture weight.

I don't eat pepperoni, so I didn't try it, but Ben absolutely loves it. He says it's much better than the normal kind from the store. I'm not sure if it costs less. My guess would be that it's probably about the same as cheap pepperoni, but the cheap kind probably has all sorts of dyes and gross meat and lots of fats, so maybe it's better for you? It was a pretty fun experiment, and I might try it again if he prefers it to store bought. I'd definately do it again if we ever buy a quarter or a side of beef, or if I can talk Wayne into giving me ground venison, and me paying him in pepperoni or summer sausage.

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AzureLynn said...

wow. who would have thought it was really that easy. I cannot have "store bought" pepperoni -- not sure what the deal is but it makes me terribly ill. I wonder if i could tolerate this recipe home made with kosher salt instead of the quick salt. Worth considering.

Bethany said...

I'd guess that it's the nitrates that make you feel ill. I can't have too much processed meat or things because they give me migraines. The tender quick does have nitrates, but I have no idea at all if this'll work with regular kosher salt. I think the point of the tender quick is to really dry out the meat.

I asked my husband's opinion on this, and he figures it's worth a try for you, since, though the homemade kind does have nitrates, this also has tons less chemicals than store bought kinds. Let me know if you try it, I'm interested to hear if there's any difference for you!

Melonie said...

I may have to give this a shot too... my husband loves anything meaty. lol

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