Thursday, May 15, 2008

My week so far

This week I've decided to put into practice the idea of mowing the lawn for an hour or two every day. I figure that doing it in sections will help it to seem less overwhelming and will allow me to keep up on it better. Well, so far, it's working, but it also seems to have become the main event of my day. It's very tiring for me to push the mower for two hours, so I've felt discouraged about getting anything else finished inside the house. That's why I haven't posted for a few days, I'm not doing anything much more interesting than mowing the lawn.

The most interesting thing to happen to me this week has been a slightly sad event. On Monday I found a killdeer nest right outside our front steps in the landscaping pebbles. I enjoyed watching the mama and daddy and was looking forward to seeing the babies, but yesterday morning, when we woke up, the eggs and grown up birds were gone. There weren't any shells or feathers or any kind of mess, so I can't think of what happened. I don't know what animal might eat all four eggs whole or carry them off without breaking them right there. Ben suggested a snake, and that seems the most likely explanation. I was dismayed that I won't get to see the babies running around now. But at least my baby robins are still safe and thriving in their nest in the tree right outside our door.

Yesterday, after I'd mowed the lawn for two hours and then vegetated in a sore mass of lawn mowing fatigue, I made bread and bean soup for dinner. Ben ended up coming home early because he is sick, and he was feeling too ill to be at the office. He's got a cold or flu, with a lot of coughing and not a little grumpiness. So we watched movies for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I've gotten a late start today, because I had to go in and have blood drawn for my new dr. They wanted me to fast for that, and they don't draw blood till nine. So I slept in, so I wouldn't feel too hungry. (tricky, right?) Anyway, by the time we came back home, and I ate breakfast, then mowed the lawn for two hours, I've suddenly hit the middle of the afternoon. I did visit with our neighbor, who came over to say hello when she saw me outside working. She showed me around her yard. She knows a ton about plants and trees and things. She also has seven cats, so that makes her alright in my book.

I'm planning Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight, and I'll take pictures of the steps as I go. I'm going to go get it all put together soon, so then it'll just have to be warmed in the oven when it's dinner time. I'll probably post about it later this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow morning.

I guess my mowing two acres with a push mower is making for a very blog. I'll try to do much better balancing the lawn work with my regular indoor work. I'm sure I'll get more used to it as the summer goes on. Plus, I'm pretty sure that I'm bound to lose weight pushing the lawn mower for two hours a day. And then I'll market it as a great health trend to Hollywood. I'll get J-Lo to come mow my lawn for me, and she'll pay for the privledge. Or maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. 2 hours a day! I am in awe. I don't think I would make it. We used to have a manual push mower (old-fashioned with no motor) and I would do our yard in about 2 hours - each week. That was enough for me. :)

Bonnie Story said...

What a nice little picture of you. See, I knew you were gorgeous! :~}

Have a great weekend! Bonnie

CastoCreations said...

I can't wait to see the shepherds pie! :) I am a visual person. lol

And I hate mowing the lawn. The first time I ever did it was only a year ago. And I try to avoid it at all costs. Hubby is better and faster at it anyway.

Bethany said...

Our new yard is crazy big, since we've got two acres planted mostly in grass. And what isn't seeded in the way back is fast growing weeds that need to get mowed too. I've just been trying to block the invention of riding lawn mowers from my mind completely. I'd rather spend the money (once it's saved) on a new tv that will let the computer hook to it, and I really am trying to use this as a way to get into better shape, so I'm pretending that riders just don't exist. It's a difficult fact to ignore when the neighbors go speeding past on their John Deere's. :)

Glad you like the picture, thanks for the reminder that it was time for a change.

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