Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Quick Hello

Well, our company arrived safely yesterday afternoon. It's been very fun having them. Ben has been enjoying having lots of people to play Wii with, I think. His parents brought their controllers with them, and so they're having four person games of everything. I do think he's a tad competitive though. It's okay for parents to beat you at video games, Ben. :)

We did pizza night last night, and Ben chopped tons of veggies like he usually does, but instead of mixing them, he put each one in a little bowl, and we had decorate your own pizza buffet bar. That was a lot of fun, and he gives me tons of help when it's pizza night, so it wasn't too hard on me to feed three extra people. Well, it's never hard on me to feed extra people, I love feeding people, but the help keeps me organized.

Today I've got muffins thawed and watermelon cut for breakfast, and we're planning boxed lunches for a picnic at Cahokia Mounds. I'm making tortillas when we get home from church and we'll use them for wraps with turkey and ham and cheese and veggies. I baked some of the cookies from the freezer, and we each have a cookie, with cheez-its and carrot and celery sticks on the side. For dinner, we'll have bean soup in the crockpot, so it can cook while we're out, and I've set up the 18 hour bread to go with that.

My blog is fast becoming a food blog, I seem to be low on projects lately. I'll snap a picture later of what I've been up too embroidery and knitting - wise and post that. I'm pretty sure I never blogged my finished Spring banner.

Time to get ready for Mass, and I hear my company up and moving too. I'd better go offer them breakfast, since they don't have to wait till after Mass!

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