Thursday, May 01, 2008

Someone's in the kitchen with Beppy

Okay, actually no one was with me, but I was in the kitchen for what seemed like most of the day yesterday. I love that kind of day, since I enjoy cooking and baking so much, though I have to admit, after mowing most of the backyard on Tuesday and then cooking all day yesterday, I'm pretty tired today.

So, yesterday's cooking. I started by cleaning up the roasted chicken disaster from Tuesday night. Not that the chicken was a disaster, it was really tasty. No, it was the kitchen that was a disaster.

I chunked and chopped all the leftover chicken and chopped veggies to make the chicken fried rice with all the leftover rice from Tuesday for today's lunch. While the rice was frying, I started mixing up the chicken pot pie.

Usually, I make pot pie by dumping together all the leftovers and a jar of gravy in a crust. This time, I used a little more planning, since not everything I'd need would be leftover. I was baking potatoes for yesterday's lunch with the chicken Tuesday night anyway, so I baked extra, and chunked those up to go in the pot pie. I forgot to roast carrots too, like I'd meant to, so I had to boil some yesterday while I finished the fried rice. Also, I didn't have any gravy on hand, so I made the gravy with a roux and chicken broth and some milk.

After I finished the rice and put it away in containers for today's lunch and I finished mixing up the pot pie filling, I made the pie crusts. I was pretty happy with the way my crusts turned out yesterday. You'd think, since I've been making pie crust since I was eleven or twelve, that it would turn out the same everytime. But it never does. This time it was flaky, but not as much as other times, but it was super easy to work with, which is usually a trade off I'm willing to make.

Here are the pies all filled up and waiting for their top crusts. My pot pie filling has gravy, chicken, carrots, potatoes, and corn. Sometimes I add green beans. You could also put in peas if that sort of thing is your bag (baby).

Here are the pies after I've prettified them with their top crusts. One of these went right into the freezer till it was hard, then I wrapped it up in a double layer of foil to keep for another time. We usually eat about a forth of the pie each (which might be a lot, but at least we don't finish the whole thing off! lol), so the menu is ammended on Saturday for pot pie for lunch instead of mac and cheese. I'd planned so carefully, and I still forgot about the pot pie leftovers! Anyway, it takes about an hour at 350 to bake, and then it should rest about fifteen minutes before being cut. I forgot to take pictures of it after it baked. I guess we were too hungry. :) To re-heat the leftovers, I usually just microwave them. Sometimes we will re-heat in the oven, or now that we have the toaster oven in that.

I had enough crust trimmings from this pie to roll out another crust, so I peeled apples and made an apple pie. I used a dutch topping so I wouldn't have to make another crust. Since I was making pie filling anyway, I doubled the recipe and froze half in a freezer bag for another day. We didn't cut the apple pie last night, so I don't know how it tastes, but is sure looks delicious!

I just put the apple pie in the fridge with the pot pie to wait till it was time to bake dinner and then baked them together. The apple pie takes about twenty minutes less than the pot pie. This is because the dutch topping browns more quickly and also because I use a smaller, shallower dish for apple pie.

Then I decided to mix up the meatloaf for today's dinner, so all I'd have to do for dinner today is put it and the twice bake potato casserole into the oven and toss the salad. That makes me ahead of the game for today.

So, by the time I finished all of this culinary genius-ness, I was ready to sit down, and I watched Dancing with the Stars on till Ben got home. And now that I've got dinner finished already for today, I'm planning to do something a bit less strenuous and more calm today. I've got to design and embroider the rosary pouch that I want to make for my nephew's First Communion, so that is definately the plan for today. And I'm planning to finish that embroidery if I have to sit in one spot all day. ;)

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CastoCreations said...

Wow. You are my hero. I LOVE chicken pot pie and think it would be a fantastic thing to make. I don't suppose the crust is easy to make??? I don't own a rolling pin which might make it harder for me. lol

If you feel up to it one day I'd love to see you write up a recipe step by step including the crust ... with photos. lol Not a small request eh? =D

I'd love to surprise hubby with such a feast!

Christy DeKoning said...

Bethany, can you please send me an email?

Christy DeKoning said...

or check etsy messages. Thanks!!!

Bethany said...

Well, a rolling pin is useful for rolling out dough. I have used a vodka bottle before, but it is a lot harder. But you could use a store bought crust, if you want to. I won't judge you too harshly. ;) I'd be happy to take more pictures next time I make one, but I'm not sure when that'll be since I seem to be full up on pot pie for the moment. For now, were there any questions about I might be able to answer?

Christy, I replied on etsy. It's the Illinois address, thanks for checking!

Bonnie Story said...

Beautiful!! Love your narrative. Great organization in the kitchen. Wish I could taste!!

Bethany said...

Bonnie, I wish you could too! I so love cooking, I want to feed everyone, lol. It turned out very well this time too, so that was gratifying.

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