Friday, May 23, 2008

Washing the Couch

Our couch has removable cushions on the back and the seat, so all the covers on the couch but the frame its self can come off. Usually I vacuum the couch to clean it, but the cat fur mostly refuses to be removed and I just get the top layer. Today, in honor of our company (because what better time would there be to get the couch ultimately clean than when other people will be sitting on it?), I'm going to take all the covers off all the cushions and wash and dry them, vacuum the frame, and replace all the covers. I do know that the covers are washable, because the cats very helpfully made it mandatory that I try it a few months back when there was a unfortunately placed hairball incident. The covers actually wash and dry beautifully.

I would post before and after pictures, but I can't seem to take pictures that do justice to the huge amount of cat hair on my couch, so you just wouldn't be able to appreciate it.

Other than mad couch cleaning experiments, I'm also planning to make cupcakes this afternoon. I made a batch of buttercream icing yesterday, and I'd like to get the cupcakes baked and frosted today, because with the cake recipe I'm using, (No Egg Cake, I'll post it later with pics), they are always a million times better the next day. So they'll be great just in time for our visitors.

I detailed the bathrooms (just like a car, lol) yesterday, and today I'm going to try polishing my floors and see if I can get them shiny again. We have laminate flooring in every room, and I can't find any care instructions in the paperwork the previous owners left. I'm going to try a damp microfiber mop. I have try furniture polish on a dust mop, but that hasn't worked so well. Anyway, that's why I usually just sweep them, but they're looking fairly dusty even when they're clean lately.

So, floors, couch and cupcakes. That's what I have on tap for the day.

And for fun? I'm going to throw some wildflower seeds in the non-grassy way back of the back yard. It stormed most of the night last night, so it's probably pretty wet and muddy out there, which seems like a great time to scatter seeds.

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Alison said...

As you can probably imagine, Brimley leave quite a lot of fur everywhere. The worst of it is always on our dust ruffle on the bed and on the bathroom curtain (he moves it aside to sit in the window). An easy way I've found to get rid of it is to just wipe the area with a damp sponge. It's a fast way to clean up if I know that someone is coming over and I don't have time to do a load of wash.

It works wonders with his long, fine fur. It might not work as well with short hair. If you haven't tried that already, give it a shot.

Sushi said...

Hi, it's me again!. Looks like you've been busy! Soon, I'll be posting some of my Grandma's cakes on my blog, I'll let you know. Saint Louis in the summer is almost unbearable,because of the humidity. It doesn't get as hot as Phoenix but you will see!! I don't know if you live in the city of Saint Louis but there is a huge Catholic Church in the west end close to chase Plaza and Euclid Street. Have a good week!

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