Thursday, June 05, 2008


Now that I've got your attention:

I was tagged by a cute little dog named Sushi to help spread the word about the breast cancer site. (Life on the internet is surreal sometimes, no?) If you visit the site and click around the advertisers will pay the breast cancer site so much per click (just like my google ads work, so it's true, I'm sure). This money goes to provide mammograms for more women.

I'm lucky in that cancer is one of the boxes I do not have to check when filling out those family medical history forms, but I still do my breast check exams every month, because I know that if you can notice and catch breast cancer early your chances to survive are much better.

And when I think of all the very wonderful and special women in my life, I know that I would want each one of them to be doing all she can to stay healthy and be around when I need her!

So click the link below to help raise some money and give someone else's very special women the chance to stay healthy and safe!

The Breast Cancer Site

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Sushi said...

Well done Bethany, thank you so much!I'm so glad you don't need to check one of those boxes in medical forms and we are helping by just clicking!

Sushi said...

Only now I noticed the post's eye-catching title! hahahaha,great!

Bonnie Story said...

Thank you so much for mentioning this. Breast self-exams DO save lives. I have just added cancer to the list of things to worry about, it has cropped up in my immediate family. Since I just turned f-f-f-forty I'll be mammogramming it soon too. There are things that we all can do about cancer and all of us should do what we can to find out more about prevention. Be well and thanks again. Bonnie

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