Thursday, June 12, 2008

A dry spell

We're pretty excited around here today, because it hasn't rained since Monday! And that means that the garden spot is probably dry enough to till this evening. This is the longest time betweens rains that I remember so far this spring. I'm pretty excited about getting everything tilled and then getting our pumpkin seeds and corn seeds into the ground. We're going to be buying plants for the peppers and the tomatoes, since I never did get them started inside.

I say "we'll" be tilling, but really I'll just be cheering Ben on. My wrist doesn't hurt nearly as badly, but it's still tender, so Ben's ordered me to rest. He says I'm not supposed to do anything, and he'll take care of my work, but by the look of the kitchen, I'm afraid he's just biding his time till I'm better and I can do the catching up! I do appreciate his concern though, and he has been preparing all of our meals and everything. I eat better during the day with him around to feed me, that's for sure. I don't usually serve myself such good meals.

I'm such a lightweight when it comes to medicines. This anti-inflammatory is making me such a zombie. I keep falling asleep in the middle of doing stuff. But it's like a little vacation, I suppose, so I've set myself to enjoying it. I had a meeting of the county extension club yesterday and visited with our neighbor and took a walk with Ben. I didn't take my pill before my meeting though, because I just knew I'd end up falling asleep and drooling on myself if I was "medicated" for it. I wouldn't want to disgrace myself among the older ladies, lol.

I've been going through some cookbooks for ideas and marking pages of some of the recipes I want to try. That's my attempt at being productive while be on ordered wrist rest. Also, I can do the laundry without hurting my wrist, so I've gotten completely caught up with that. I might see if I can rake the soil one handed after Ben has tilled it later, and I'm sure I can help him plant the seeds too.

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