Sunday, June 01, 2008

Even BeppyCats Get the Blues

But I'm feeling tons better now. I did have a dr's appt on Friday, and I decided to just go get it done. It made me feel better to follow through with a commitment. Everything there went well. I'd even lost three pounds. And, if it's not too distasteful, I've got to congratulate my doctor on being the fastest speculum this side of the Mississippi. That woman has pelvic exams down to a science.

Anyway, I've been having a fairly good weekend. Yesterday we spent the day in bed. Ben had been planning a day of absolutely nothing for a while, and he was glad to get the chance. We even bought snacks and had a cooler. It was fun. And I napped like crazy.

This morning I mowed the lawn for an hour or two, then I cleaned the kitchen and sorted the laundry. I also made some laundry soap. This is the first time I've tried it, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow morning to see how it turned out.

Right now, Ben's making a materials list for our chicken coop. I'm very apprehensive about working on this with him, because building anything with Ben is a big challenge for me. I'll be very glad when it's finished, because then we can go pick up the chickens! I'm very excited to get my chickens.

We've borrowed the neighbors truck, and we'll be heading to Home Depot after mass this evening to pick all the supplies up. Hopefully we can get the coop built within the next couple of weekends. I'm sure the people we're buying the chickens from want them picked up sooner than later, considering that everyday it's like they're feeding them for us at this point.

I'd better go now, but tomorrow I'll have pictures and the week's menu, so have a good time till then!

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