Thursday, June 26, 2008

Focaccia - Panini Style

I used the focaccia recipe that came in the book with my bread maker. It was a very simple recipe, all I had to do was let the bread maker knead the dough, then press it into the 9X13 pan and let it rise, add an olive oil and garlic topping with some grated parmesean and bake it.
It turned out very good, with a nice flavor and a very soft texture inside. I did skip some of the seasonings, like the oregano and the italian blend because I thought they might clash with the sandwich fillings. And I'm an herb wimp.

I split the bread and filled it with deli meats and cheeses with the outside in and the inside out. I buttered the inside edges (now the outside of my sandwich) and cooked them in my rigged up panini press. I heated both pans together with them stacked and then added my sandwich and pressed the top one down.

Here's my sandwich. I was really glad with the outcome of this experiment. And Ben absolutely loved his. Of course, I should have taken pictures of his, because it was much prettier, with onion, tomatoes, and radish sprouts. He's a more adventurous eater than I am.

I also tackled the peaches this afternoon. They were at a perfect point, and very easy to peel.
I did decide to flash freeze them before adding them to a freezer bag for storage. I couldn't resist attempting an arty shot of the quartered peaches all lined up and ready to freeze!

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Alison said...

I love fresh peaches. Last year I worked temporarily at an orchard and I probably ate my weight in free peaches.

Bethany said...

That must have been a lot of fun. Ben would love that kind of job!

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