Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green can be cool and friendly-like

Well, Ben has been out of town for a couple of days, but he's back today, so I'm feeling really happy about that. I never sleep well when he's gone, hence the 4am post. Well, I actually did sleep fairly well last night, but there's a thunderstorm going through right now that woke me up. I'll probably go back to sleep when it gets light out. Don't ask, I just feel safer once it's light. Weird, I know.

So, on Tuesday, I gave myself the day off. I watched movies and took naps. I really needed a day like that, because this is turning out to be a very busy season, so it was good to pretend it was winter again for a day. Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten anything made! I had good intentions, but I just can't seem to actually do any knitting or embroidery without falling asleep. I certainly hope this doesn't keep up.

Yesterday I thinned the seedlings in the garden. That was actually kinda sad. I didn't expect that, but something about pulling up all those little sprouts seemed so wrong. I do hope I did it right. The corn really ended up looking thin once there was just a single plant in each spot. I did save all the radish sprouts for Ben to eat on a sandwich if he'd like. They're almost too big, but I'll let him decide if they're tender enough.

I painted the chicken coop frame and the doors as well. I was supposed to make the handles and attach them to the doors too, but I couldn't really figure out how it should be done. I had a few ideas last night while I was falling asleep, so I'll try those out when I get up. I also have to give the coop a third coat of paint, at least in a couple of places.

Also on my list for today is doing something with the twenty-some peaches sitting on the counter. Ben bought them to make jam, but was too busy with building the coop over the weekend and abandoned them. I'm not really in a jam making mood, and the thought of heating the kitchen up with a big pot of water just for six jars of jam doesn't sound delightful (I'll have enough standing in a steamy kitchen when the tomatoes come in!), so I'll probably just peel them and split them into wedges and freeze them. I might take the trouble to freeze them laid out on parchement paper on a cookie sheet, so then I can put them in ziploc once they're frozen and it'll be easier to get them out just a couple wedges at a time for smoothies and such. If I put them all in a bag initially, they'll just stick together in a big block.

I do have a few other things to finish today as well. Dinner tonight is grilled sandwiches, and I want to make some kind of bread for that, either foccacia or maybe ciabatta. I'll have to check my go-to source for good recipes, Tammy's Recipes, and see what she might have along those lines. If there's nothing tried and true there, I know the bread machine book has recipes for both. And it'll be a plus to let the machine do the kneading for me, since painting brought back some of the tenderness in my wrist.

I should also mow the lawn, but it's stormy right now, so I'm not putting too much priority on that one, since it'll probably be a wet day. I'm glad not to have to mow, not because of the work, but because right now our yard is FULL of really pretty lush clover and it smells super good. I don't want to have to mow it all down, but I know I'd better soon, or I'll need a hay fork for the clean up!

Of course, there's always laundry and sweeping and general cleaning to take care of too. Sometimes it feels like I can't manage to do outside things and inside things on the same day. I guess the outside work is generally more tiring, so I tend to come in and just rest.

I'd better get going, since I'm falling back to sleep again, but I'll definately post more about the coop and my bread experiments later.

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Julie said...

That's so funny! I was going to make ciabatta this week too! Weird. Turns out Brian wanted to make soft pretzels. I can only do so many yeast things in one week and my limit is right around 1. :)

Bethany said...

Pretzels sound good! I think I usually make two or three yeast things a week. But that's because a loaf of bread and the pizza crust for Friday night are pretty much a given for every week.

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