Monday, June 09, 2008

Of Mice and Beppy

Sometimes things just don't go according to plan at all. We didn't get any work on the chicken coop done at all this weekend. We went into St. Louis on Saturday to do a home tour of historical homes. But most of the were new inside, so it was more like just seeing rich people's fancy houses. But there were antique dealers in the park, and an old time-y baseball game, so that was fun. I bought some Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks from the 50's. When we got home, Ben mowed the lawn and I cleaned the house, and then I went out and finished up the lawn so he could rest.

And yesterday we had friends over for dinner, so we went to Mass and then did our grocery shopping, and then came back and cooked dinner. I made roast chicken with chicken jus, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, dinner rolls and we had strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Ben helped me alot in getting things ready, and I think it all turned out fairly well.

I did something to my right wrist near the beginning of the day, and it just kept getting worse and worse as the day went on. It hurt so bad to use it or put any pressure on it, like kneading dough. By the time I went to bed last night, it hurt to just move it, not even with any weight bearing. I iced it and wore a brace while I slept. I think it feels a little better this morning, but I haven't taken the brace off yet, and I've only used it to type this so far. We'll see how it feels. My hands and wrists hurt a little bit most of the time, but I've never had this happen, where it feels injured for no reason.

Ben is working from home today so he can help me out with things, and in case we decide that it should get looked at by a dr. He told be I shouldn't be using it, so a lot of my plans for the day are out the window if that rule still stands. I can't mow the lawn one handed, or embroider one handed, or crochet one handed, or even bake muffins one handed. But I'm sure he'd right that it would be better to not use it for a day or two than it would to permanently injure it. Good thing he helped me catch up this weekend or things would really be piling up around here, with last week's rest-fest!

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Sushi said...

Hi Bethany, your dinner sounds delicious. Now I see your 3 children, thanks for introducing them here. They make your blog look nicer!

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