Thursday, June 05, 2008


I've compromised the need for rest with my desire for order by employing a cleaning method I like to think of as puttering around. I'm reminded of my dad a little when I do this because it pretty much involves wandering around at a very unhurried pace putting things away and cleaning a bit here and there. That's how I took out the trash and the composting and cleaned up the front porch and the kitchen this morning. You should try it, you might like it. It's particularly effective when you have no absolute goals or deadlines.

Seriously though, I'm feeling better today. Well, not physically, in that case I feel worse, as the sore throat has settled in. But I'm not complaining and actually feel pretty calm and happy. I've been working on my flag themed embroidered banner, though there's not much to it to take pictures of yet. And I've been reading a very good book called A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers. Julie told me I'd like it, and she was right! It's about gladiators and Christians in the first century in the Roman empire. Very interesting. If only I could somehow read and embroider at the same time! I might have to pull out some knitting so I can be productive while I read.

While puttering this morning, I realized that the grass is not nearly as long as I'd thought it was. I was concerned about leaving it till Ben could do it this weekend simply because I thought it would get too long to mow and end up plugging up the lawn mower. But now that I know that it's just some thin weeds making it look alot longer than it really is, I'm not worried at all about just leaving the back for Ben to do this weekend. And I'll start again on the front next week when I've got my energy back.

And I even have a little art project how-to in mind for this afternoon to post. I can't have my blog turning into all boring lawn care now, can I?

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Sushi said...

Hi again! Good to "hear" you're feeling better. Oh, I remember the St. Louis times when Mom had to rake leaves and clean the front and back yards and I used to fight with the rake. No more yards for us now:) Yes, have your hubby mow the lawn, it's such a hard job to do!
PS: your flag is looking beautiful!
PS 2: do you have any pics of your "meow" children in your blog?

Bethany said...

Do you miss getting to run in the yard? There are pictures of all three in this post The calico is Pickles, the grey one is Smudge, and the one in the sink is Columbo. Would you chase them?

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