Thursday, June 05, 2008

the real issue

I do have to say, my frustration yesterday wasn't so much having to rest when there are things to be done. I completely agree that chores are never more important than staying healthy. My frustration really comes from deciding when I've crossed the line from "resting for my health" into "being completely lazy cause it's way more fun to sit on the couch and read than do anything else and inertia has sucked me down into the land of couch blob."

I'm coming very close to that line this afternoon, but I'm going to hang out and enjoy my awesome book for the rest of the afternoon, and worry about un-blobbing myself in the morning. I can't remember where I heard it, but someone used to say "get outside and get the stink blown off you". Not that I stink. I think it's just a metaphor.

And in case anyone is concerned, the mono symptoms have eased, and I'm no longer (how to put this delicately?) suffering from feminine problems. Plus, after the hour and half nap I just took, how could I not feel more energy? :D

But don't worry, I'll still take it easy. I'm just hoping to, oh, I don't know, accomplish something tomorrow!

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