Thursday, June 19, 2008

Slaying Dust Bunnies

This has been a strange week for me. On Monday and Tuesday, Ben was gone till quite late at night, since he had to attend work functions for dinner. I missed him quite a bit, so I was feeling very happy when he was home yesterday evening and it was still daylight!

I also was quite ill yesterday too, and while I don't want to specifically blame the dessert I made in the last post, I do think it was a bit too rich and definately didn't exactly agree with me. Since I wasn't feeling well, I didn't really get much done, and I still haven't fully restored the house from Ben's care last week. (I told him he's a terrible housewife and he's fired. I'm glad my wrist doesn't hurt anymore.) That means I've got plenty to get done today, and top of the list is conquering all the drifting balls of cat fur everywhere. Some days I'm very tempted to just shave the cats.

I did invite the neighbor over for dinner though, so that's a motivation to get my floors clean and cook a good dinner. Our meal plan kind of went out the window this week, since Ben wasn't home to eat, so I think that tonight I'll serve a pasta bake (simple to put together and something I can make a bit ahead of time) with asparagus and some fresh garlic breadsticks.

Also, I keep trying to set goals for myself to finish an embroidery or sewing or knitting project, mostly so my blog doesn't become only a food blog. (Blogging as motivation.) But I never seem to be able to concentrate or sit still without falling asleep lately. I'm not too tired when I'm cleaning or whatever, but the minute I sit down to embroider or knit, it's zonk, out cold. I really really want to be more productive, but I can't seem to keep my eyes open the last few weeks. I'm going to blame the anti-inflammatory medicine and hope that things will change now that I'm not taking it any more.

I'm also definately in the mood to gear up for the weekend. We're very busy tomorrow, but I'm really feeling like doing something to make this weekend a special one. Ben's had big happenings at work this week, and will again next week, so I'm thinking he'd really enjoy a relaxing weekend. And I'm always up for a celebration.

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Amy Caroline said...

You know, I haven't been feeling very crafty lately either. I am all about cooking too. Maybe it is the time of year? Hard to think about yarn when the weather is getting lovely.

Blue Castle said...

Blogging as motivation - that is really true for me since I started blogging in April. I've gotten more projects done just to have something to post on my blog. My hubby laughs at me, but it works!

I too don't really get into knitting until the weather turns cold. And then I find myself knitting like crazy. Scrapbooking is the same - a winter craft.

Hope you have a productive day!

Bonnie Story said...

Hello! Speaking of dust bunnies and fur-fuzz bunnies, have you seen the Furminator? It's absolutely amazing. It's a little pricey but it beats any other comb or brush I have ever tried on a cat or dog. Well worth looking in to. They make big ones for dogs, little ones for cats. It has totally changed my outlook on Pepper's shedding. I'm in control of it now, incredible! Have a great day, Bonnie

Bethany said...

I hadn't thought of it, but maybe it is the weather that's keeping me from being very productive when it comes to my crafts. I have a tendancy to think of summer as "Reading Time" very much a hold over from my school days. Maybe I've been reading too much!

Bonnie, thanks for the tip about the furminator. I'll have to look into, because now that we have all bare floors the cat fur is a big and obvious problem.

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