Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I did end up going to the dr yesterday because I couldn't use my hand or wrist at all without it hurting pretty badly. She said I have tendonitis, and I have to take an anti-inflammatory (which makes me seriously sleepy and out of it). She said is should feel better in a week and if it doesn't feel better in two weeks, I should go back in. I also have a splint to wear that keeps it from moving, so that feels good. I'm not supposed to do anything if it hurts, so yesterday I cleaned the kitchen up one handed. It actually wasn't too hard. I'm glad we've got a dish washer!

Anyway, I'm supposed to rest it and not use it much for now. I'm planning to pretty much just spend the day going for walks and watching movies. I'm also reading the sequel to A Voice in the Wind, so I'll probably read for a while too. Turns out that most everything I do on a daily basis involves my hand and hurts my wrist. Now might be the perfect time to practice knitting with my toes!

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Adam J. said...

bait bait bait :-)

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