Monday, June 02, 2008

To Do Today

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by my to do list today, so I thought I'd post it here for a little accountability and cheerleading. My blogging friends are always so encouraging, it's nice to have the feedback.

1. 1 hr of Lawn Mowing
2. 2 (at least) Loads of Laundry
3. Plant all the plants my mom brought me and water all the others waiting for the garden
4. Make Meatloaf and Peel Potatoes for Dinner
5. Make Sticky Buns to thank the neighbors for letting us borrow their truck
6. Update Blog (which I've done, yay! see my latest finished project below)

I didn't jump right into my morning routine this morning either, so there are still the litterboxes and trash and dishes to take care of as well.

I'm planning to be able to post by two this afternoon that I've either finished all these things or have them well underway. That's my goal for the day, and I'm planning to reward myself with a movie and embroidery (or a nap, if I'm really tired, I didn't seem to sleep very well!).

After dinner we'll be going to pick up our chicken coop building materials. We didn't want to do that after Mass in our church clothes yesterday. I'm getting more and more excited about our building project. I think I might invite a couple of friends over for a chicken coop raising!

Anyway, I'll update at two and let you all know if I acheived today's goals!

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