Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Breakfast cookies and desperate justification

I've spent the morning baking. I made up a batch of Breakfast Cookies and that recipe makes a TON of cookies. I'd never tried them before, so this was a new thing, and I really like the taste of them. I might halve it next time, since I even used my muffin scoop and made very large cookies and still got more than three dozen.

I think they're pretty healthy, I used the natural kind of peanutbutter that just has peanuts and salt in the ingredient list, and whole wheat flour. I'd say the only ingredient I question too much healthwise would be the sugar, and it would be easy enough to reduce that and use honey or sucanat or evap. cane juice cyrstals instead. I think they'd be great to experiment with, adding cinnamon and chopped apple, or maybe pumpkin puree for some of the peanutbutter.

Anyway, we both give the recipe a thumbs up. I ate two at 8am and I'm not hungry again yet, which is more than I can say for most of my muffins. I think the oats with all that peanutbutter is a very filling combo.

I also start swatching for a pair of socks for myself. It's really time that I start using up my yarn and fabric stashes. I've been working on the fabric, with the white skirt I made two weeks ago, and the one that I cut pieces for yesterday, but haven't done much knitting. So I opened the yarn closet with the intent to just start swatching the first thing that caught my eye. I picked this light pink Wildfoote yarn that I bought at the pretty little yarn store in Beulah, MI last summer when we were there for the James Family Reunion. It was expensive as far as socks go, but not so bad when you figure in the entertainment value of knitting them and the fact that they're a souvenir of the trip and the party.

Anyway, this was one of my last yarn purchases before I went on my yarn diet. I realized last night that it's been almost a year since I've bought any yarn other than cotton to make dish cloths. (I allow myself to cheat and buy more dishcloth yarn because I go through it so fast. They're just so mindless, I really like that about knitting dishcloths.)

But now I have a quandry. I'd like to knit these socks two at a time toe up magic loop, particularly because it's very fine yarn, and they'll get done more quickly if I work on them like that. But, I would have to order the needle from KnitPicks in order to do that, because I don't have a long size one circular needle. But, if I'm making an order, doesn't it just make sense to order other things too so that I order $50 worth so as to get the free shipping and make the order more worth it? I need my enablers to tell me that I should definately order enough yarn to make myself a sweater this fall to wear through the winter. Because, of course that's the only sensible thing to do in order to work through my stash!

I may need a yarn intervention.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Beulah? My mom grew up in Benzie County and I still have relatives there. Have you been to Gwen Frostic Prints? That's one of my favorite places there.

Melonie said...

Hmmmm... I am rather torn here. I want to tell you that you should order more yarn for a sweater.... but on the other hand, I want to cheer you on on the yarn diet!

HEY! Do they sell the yarn you use for dishcloths???? Maybe you could buy THAT to get your minimum order.

Tho technically you aren't saving anything if you spend an extra $40 or so to get free shipping.....of course I am clueless as to how much the needle and the shipping are.... if it's already at say, $25, then yes, buy more yarn. How's that? lol

Amy Caroline said...

Like Melonie I am torn as well. But if you haven't bought any yarn in a year... well, that is awesome! Maybe you could have a yarn birthday? One year and you get more yarn?
What does Hubby say?

Liz said...

The yarn diet is a good idea I should have a paint diet. It is so easy to stock up on materials when you love to craft.

CastoCreations said...


I need a Pearl diet myself. :)

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