Monday, July 07, 2008

But Whenever Monday Comes

Our long weekend was a really good one. We relaxed a bit, and also got a ton of work around the house finished. We mowed all the lawn and finished up some things on the chicken coop. We caged the tomatoes and pulled some weeds. We also watched lots of movies and took a couple of naps.

I had big plans for today, but so far I've been very slow going. Ben did the chicken chores for me this morning before he left so I could sleep in, and I didn't get up till seven thirty. Then I just spent the last hour reading sewing blogs. I'm going to have to get moving, because it's supposed to rain this afternoon and there a few bits of lawn mowing I want to finish. I also have to put in the edging for some of my herb beds and plant the cat nip and chocolate mint I bought at the farmer's market on Saturday. After I finish those outside things, there's plenty in the house to keep me busy. I want to start another skirt like the one I made the week before last, and there's always plenty of cleaning to do.

But I have a quandry too! I got the red striped part of my patriotic wallhanging embroidery almost finished and then I realized that I'd done most of it with an odd color embroidery floss that I don't have anymore of and can't really match. I'm very frustrated with it, and I know the smart thing to do would be to take out all the embroidery in the wrong color and redo it in the right color, but I just can't face tearing out embroidery so soon after I've put it in. Give me a few months and I can usually handle it. So, I'm thinking leave it unfinished for now, and just put it away till I finish the rest of the holidays and come back to it to have it to hang for next year. But there's part of me that is so sequential, and I have a really hard time going on to the next one (summer) without finishing this one. Guess it's just the old Salgat OCD.

Well, I've been procrastinating long enough, so I'd better make myself get moving. I'm offering the reward of a movie and knitting if I get outside and finish that work before the rain. Yes, I'm totally bribing myself. Doesn't every good farmer do that?

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm bribing myself too! I don't get to place my order I'm planning on Amazon until I get all the work done!

Bethany said...

Your reward is way more fun! How much work do I have to do to get to buy new books? :D

Melonie said...

I say leave the patriotic hanging and re-do it later for Veterans Day. :-) Or Patriot Day. Need more days? Pearl Harbor Day. I tend to think red, white, and blue for summer too - but fall and winter can use a pop of it as well.

As for bribery - heck yeah! lol If I can get my stuff done today I can lay in bed tonight after the kids go to bed and devour the new MaryJane's Farm book I've got waiting in the bedroom. If I don't, well, I'll still be doing the chores. :-(

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