Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Case of the Missing Pictures

This morning I went out with my camera and took a few pictures in the garden and of the socks that I'm knitting right now. I sat down to post while I ate breakfast, but the pictures aren't in the camera or on the sd card. I can see that I might accidentally think I'd take one but not really push the button all the way, but I can't really see myself being so clueless for ten pictures. Anyway, I didn't have time to try again because I had to vacuum the neighbors' pool, and then do my daily stint of lawn mowing, so no pictures today.

But I'm sure everyone is probably bored to death of my garden pictures by now and just wishing I'd move on to something else. Today's garden pictures were mostly of squash and pumpkin blossoms. Those plants are going crazy with the blossoms, and I think they're just so pretty! But we also have our first tomato! And some tiny little baby pickles that I thought I'd gotten pictures of. The bush beans are starting with the pods now too, since they've been blossoming for about a week now. I guess pole beans just take longer. The corn is still getting a little chewed, so I'm thinking that the poison Ben sprayed probably washed right off in that rain. I'm going to try baby powder or water with a little soap and garlic powder. Those are both things that I've read will keep the Japanese Beetles off. Hey, I wonder if there are Japanese Beatles? Ali, should be find a concert?

I'm in now, having finished my mowing and pulled out all that wild morning glory climbing up the fence. Just in time too, it was starting to get blossoms. I need to get cleaned up and then work on sewing. My mom sent some fabric she wants me to use to make her work aprons, so I should be working on that today. It'll take a bit longer than usual, since I volunteered to make matching bias tape with the striped fabric. I should also clean the kitchen, but I've had a marked lack of interest in that lately. I don't know why, but I've been preferring my outdoor chores a lot more lately. But we're having company on Saturday, so I should look alive and work on some indoor cleaning, or I'll be trying to do everything at once that morning.

So that's everything I should do. But I'm not sure what I will actually get done. Considering that I murdered yesterday I should atone for that and try to get twice as much done today. But Ben didn't get home to almost one last night, and I stayed up waiting for him, so I'm super sleepy today. Maybe I'll just pretend I'm 13 again and sneak off somewhere with a book. ;)

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Molly said...

that is so funny. . .I used to sneak off with a book to avoid chores too! you should do it

I'm still finding a few magazines as I clean so I'm still working on your box. . .plus we had two weeks of all our major appliances breaking (okay not all, but enough! fridge, stove, garage door)

I want to run another crochet idea by you: lots of Sundays at church I think about something I could make to give to others and I keep having this idea of a teddy bear blankie or lovey. . .thought I could crochet a 6 or 7 row increasing flat round, ears, and then attach the yarn and continue down in a small diamond shape to make the blankie part. I have not seen a pattern for this online (although there are teddy blankets, just not similar). what do you think? do you think little guys might like? thinking of women's shelters or hospitals as the beneficiary (of course, this project may be on hold until baby arrives and gets settled in, but I like to keep dreaming, ya know?)

anyway, as usual I enjoy reading your blog and your garden LOOKS GREAT.

Bethany said...

Molly, I'm not sure I'm visuallizing it right. The corner of the blanket would be the bear's face? I think that would be pretty cute. I've seen those before where there is like a corner shaped pocket on one corner and then it makes a hood for the baby. That would be cute with ears, like baby is a bear. Either way sound neat. But let me know if I totally missed it and you meant something complete different.

Thanks for the comment and for the magazines! I'll be excited when they come, cause it'll be a really fun surprise. I'm glad you think the garden looks great. I'm getting antsy to pick something! Good thing the pickles will be ready next week or so.

Hope you and baby and everyone are well!

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