Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chickens Have Come Home

We picked up our chickens on Saturday. It was a very fun day and we really enjoyed visiting the farm that we bought them from. The people we got them from were super nice, and even let us sample some of their goat milk. She also gave me a pepper plant that she had extra. I was very glad to meet them.

We've also been really enjoying our chickens. They're very pretty little birds, and fun to watch. They seem to be settling in pretty well. They're six weeks old right now, and able to live outside in the tractor we built for them.

I'll post more about the coop/tractor/ark in a few days. We still have to finish some of the shingles before it's all finished and I'd like to do an entire post on building it, including some progress pictures.

Here are some pictures of the chickens.

This was our set up for bringing them home. We drilled small holes in the rim of this storage tub and lined the bottom with wood shavings. Then we just zip tied the chicken wire on top through the holes. It worked really well for moving them and impressed the farmer too.

Here they are coming down their ramp out of the inner part of their tractor.

You can see the feeder and waterer in this picture. I was surprised by how expensive they are, and when I saw in backyard chickens how easy it is to make your own, I was kicking myself. So don't be like me, make your own.
Here is one picture of the coop. This is how we lock the door at night to keep predators out. There's an eyebolt on the door, and then one on the wall on either side of the door, and the stake just slides through all three to hold the door tight against the wall. I think this will do well to keep any animals out, though I get the feeling from other chicken owners that raccoons will do anything short of steal your credit card numbers to get at your chickens.
See how pretty they are? I just love what colors they are. They're called Cinnamon Queen, and they're a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Delaware White. So they should be a pretty hardy bird that will lay all winter.

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Julie said...


That's amazing

CastoCreations said...

That is SO cool!!! I'd love to learn how to take care of chickens and "grow" our own eggs. *giggle* Those colors are gorgeous.

Bethany said...

Amazing? That's quite a superlative to apply to chickens. :D I'd say the really amazing part is that Ben and I built that chicken coop without killing each other.

I am very excited about the chickens, though I'll be more excited when the handles are on the coop and we can move it around more easily and get them out of the front yard, lol.

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