Friday, July 18, 2008

Continuing Adventures

Yesterday my neighbor (the ninety year old one) invited me to go along to the salon with her and meet her stylist, because I hadn't gotten my hair cut since we moved here in Dec. because I missed my old stylist. That was very nice and now my hair has a shape to it again, and isn't just a wavy mass. Well, it's still a wavy mass, but it resembles a style again. And I got my eyebrows waxed too. So much better than shaping them myself with the tweezers! (I usually just give up on that.)

Anyway, after our nice time getting our hair done, she was backing out of the parking lot and accidentally drove off the driveway. We ended up with one back tire in the air and the opposite front tire hanging into the ditch with the frame sitting on the ground of the driveway. Luckily, she has triple A and I called for her and the tow truck guy was super nice.

The front tire got cut by a post that was holding up the driveway edging, so he put the spare on for us, and I drove us to the rest of her errands, to the post office and to the market. After we finished the post office and the grocery shopping, I drove her home and helped her put her groceries away. She shared some of the delicious cherries that she'd bought, and I headed home. Five and a half hours after I'd left in the first place.

I don't mind helping, and I'm happy to spend time and visit with her, but I have to admit, I wish I had more energy. I was worn out when we got home yesterday, and I'm still feeling so tired this morning. I have a lot of items on my to do list, including figuring out where to take her car to have her tire replaced for her. Hanging out with ninety year old's is definately too much excitement for me, lol.

Now, I'm not fishing for any comments about my neighbors taking advantage of me or whatever. They're nice people and they're more than willing to do the same and more for us when they're home. Plus, I believe that doing your best to help people in need (even to the point of suffering yourself, not that that is the case here by any means) is one of the main aspects of what Jesus taught us. I suppose I'm just venting a bit because I'm super sleepy. But my plan is to listen to today's Bible readings while I make frosting for the cupcakes I made yesterday, get outside and hoe in the garden before the sun gets too hot, and just work my way down the rest of my to-do items. I'll post later to update on what I get finished and what will be waiting till tomorrow.

Here's the list, in case anyone's curious:
1. Print out pictures of the chicken coop and garden to send to Ma and Dad
2. Pack up a box of things that have to get sent to Ma and Dad
3. Hoe the Cucumber Rows
4. Mow for 1 hour
5. Sew the last two dish towel aprons promised to Ma in order to include in the box
6. Hoe around the peppers
7. Print Coupons to go to CVS
8. Call the Craigslist guy selling straw bales and set up a pick up time to buy some
9. Water the Neighbors' Plants
10. Fill the Food containers for the Neighbors' garage cats
11. Get Photos on a disc to take to CVS to make photo books (There's a super good deal on these this week. Check out Money Saving Mom for more info on that.)
12. Make frosting and frost the cupcakes
13. Finish my t-shirt design I'm working on
14. Put out the trash to the road
15. Sweep up the chicken feed that spilled in the garage
16. Call the neighbor in Germany about where to take the car to get the tire replaced
17. Go to CVS, pick up straw, take in neighbor's car, drop off my payment for the hairdresser (she couldn't take Visa! I'm going all cash, as soon as I can organize it with Ben), mail package for Ma and Dad

Now, some of these things are obviously more important to finish than others and I'm planning to prioritize as I go along, but ideally, I'd like to get as much of this done as possible today. There's also my regular routines for morning and afternoon, such as the animal chores, and cleaning the kitchen, and making the bed, but those are simple enough to do. My biggest challenge won't be getting any of these things finished, it will be taking charge of my emotions and doing them cheerfully. But that is probably the biggest challenge of most people's day, whether they choose to accept it or not. :)

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Julie said...

Ugh. That's a list!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I think it's very good of you to watch out for your neighbor. I'm sure that she is grateful to you for your help, and I know that you will be blessed, too.

Bethany said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mrs. Mordecai. I appreciate the encouragement, since I was feeling a little discouraged that day as well.

Julie, tell me about it! But I got it all done except sewing the aprons! Plus add in the fact that I stripped the neighbors bed and did the laundry when I discovered that all those cats (5) were using it as a litter box because their boxes were all too full! But that's another (super gross) story.

Blue Castle said...

I hope you were able to get most of your list tackled. It is kind of interesting how God brings different people into our lives at different seasons. Older people have wisdom and insights that we sometimes need. But, boy, she sure sounds like a little whirlwind! :) Hope things calm down for you.

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