Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day to Day

We had a storm come through last night and knock all the corn down. But none of it is broken and other than that and keeping me up most of the night, it didn't do any damage, so I'm grateful that it finally rained. The plants really needed the water, and the storm broke the terrible heat we've been having! It was getting miserable, so I'm very glad to have a bit of coolness in the air. I'm sure the chickens are too. They've been looking limp and hot for a couple of days now. I change their water and give them plenty of clover a couple of times a day and they've got lots of shade, but temps in the nineties would make anyone look limp, I think.
My mom and dad insist that the corn will stand back up. As for the beetle bugs, turns out they're Japanese Beetles and they're quite a terror around here. Now that I notice it, they have kind of stripped one of the neighbor's birch trees, but who knew they'd go for corn. Anyway, Ben decided that he wanted to go for poison right away, and not try any of the natural methods. I'm very frustrated by that decision, but what's done is done and the corn and the wisteria were sprayed last evening. Anyone have any tips on helping me convince my husband that just because Ortho makes it, that does not nessicarily mean that it'll work any better than other methods, and it truly is a lot worse for us and our land?
This okra plant seems to have really enjoyed the storm. I think it's half as big again as when I looked yesterday. I suppose it just seems that way, but it's like all the plants get so much bigger overnight, every night!
This luxuriant, verdant growth is wild morning glory. And I'm supposed to rip it out and get rid of it before it gets flowers and goes to seed. Well, technically, I was supposed to weed it out when I saw it start, but it's just so pretty I'm having a hard time bringing myself to do it. But I suppose it's needful because there are sprouts of this growing in the yard and garden up to 150 ft away, and maybe even further. And I keep finding it trying to grow up the corn and tomatoes too. So, if it's going to invade the garden, it definately doesn't get to stay by the porch, but I do wish I could keep it.

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Sushi said...

Hi Bethany long time! I see you have Entrecard now, great. You have lots of green area, how nice! Are you keeping cool in STL?
I have a little recipe to share with you over at my blog,a cake in 3 minutes. Please stop by and help yourself!

Bethany said...

Sushi, no offense, but I'm not sure I would eat a cake a little doggie made, even if it did only take him three minutes. ;) Well, it does look yummy, so maybe if you promised you'd washed your paws really well and didn't lick any little bit of at all. I know you're not supposed to have chocolate, but maybe sometimes that's not enough to stop you wanting it?

As for the weather, it's actually incredibly pleasant this morning, only 65. The storm the other night really helped break that miserable heat. But it must be pretty hot in Chicago sometimes too, right?

Alison said...

Oh your poor corn can't catch a break!!

Bethany said...

I know, right? I'll be lucky if I get to eat any.

Sushi said...

Hey Bethany, I was enjoying the Chicago weather it was really hot today but I need to be outside because soon it'll be cold again :(
Don't worry I washed my hands with antibacterial soap and I promise I didn't lick anything, so you rest assured it's a clean and delish cake! Have a good week!

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