Friday, July 25, 2008

I miss my neighbors.

***Peanutbutter Custard Pie I made yesterday because I found a pie crust in the freezer. It's pretty good, but I don't have a lot of experience with custards, so it's much looser than it should be. I didn't want to over cook it.***

Not to be insulting, but I mostly miss them because things keep going wrong at their house that I have to deal with! Last night, it was that Leeza (her ninety year old mother) discovered that the freezers in the garage weren't running and had defrosted themselves. The food is still pretty much frozen and we put some ice in to help it all stay that way, but I won't be able to save the food unless we get them running again. But I tried all the breakers and none of them would turn that back on, so first on today's list is to find an electrician for the neighbors'.

Anyway, I'll be thrilled when they get home and can deal with their own crap. I've got crap of my own to deal with.

We're having company tomorrow, so I want to get things a bit spiffier around here, and organize pizza toppings, since it's a decorate your own pizza party. Other than that, I've got some sewing projects lined up if I end up having the time. My mom sent fabric for me to make her some more work aprons, and I cut out another tiered skirt a couple of weeks ago to work on too. I'm still working on my socks too. I haven't blogged them yet, but they're maroon wool and I'm making them two at once toe up style with the instructions from Knitpicks. Nice thick wool socks for myself for this winter. I can't wait till it's cold enough to wear them!

Garden updates: the beets, turnips, and rutabega all sprouted, along with two different kinds of cabbage. The romaine and the spinach seem reluctant. The sunflower seedlings are starting to come up too, but the neighbor on that side stepped in the bed yesterday when he came over to (finally) introduce himself, so I'm not sure if he killed any yet or not. The baby pickles are toddler/big kid pickles now. I'm hoping that by next week I can pick them off one by one as they reach adulthood.

Yesterday I cleaned out the freezer and sorted and organized a bit. Instead of thawing the pork steaks I decided to eat some of the odds and ends out of the freezer. So for dinner we had pot pie filling like chicken stew and I made some yummy biscuits. It was pretty good, like chicken and dumplings but better, because I'm not a fan of dumplings (they're slimy). And we're having wings tonight. I think we were saving them for something fun, but they've been in there since the Super Bowl, so it's time to eat them. And wings are always fun, no matter. I want the freezer organized, because soon we'll be harvesting peas and green beans, and I'm planning to freeze instead of can that stuff. We're thinking of getting an upright freezer in the garage because we also want to freeze apple things, the sweet corn, and pumpkin puree. We're also debating buying a side or a quarter of beef as well.

Anyway, at this point I'm just procrastinating, but I'll post pictures and let you know if I manage to do anything exciting today!

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Blue Castle said...

When it rains, it pours. Sounds like your neighbors are sure blessed to have you around. I hope you are able to find an electrician quickly and painlessly. And I hope nothing else goes wrong. :)

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