Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Times of Stress

My neighbors have been away for a little while this summer, and while they're gone, I've been looking in on their house and taking care of the pool and their cats. Also her mother lives there and didn't go away with them, so I've been visiting with her, and helping her out with things, since she's ninety and has a hard time getting around.

Well, yesterday we went to take her trash out to the road for her, and check the pool and everything, and when we got there, we found her sitting on the ground in her front garden. She had tripped and fallen and couldn't get up. And she'd been there all day, for 10 hours!

I felt so bad that I hadn't come by earlier. We got her up (nothing broken, thank God!) and helped her in and made her drink lots of water and Ben made her a sandwich. After she'd eaten, we visited a little while she had more water and then I helped her get cleaned up and into her nightgown. She seemed fine while we were talking, and she was aware and able to do things on her own pretty well. But all the same, I've been so worried all night that I should have taken her to the hospital or that she's hurt or sick in a way we couldn't tell.

I haven't gone by to see her yet this morning because I don't want to bother her too early, since she must be very tired. But I'm going to go as soon as I think she might be up, at 8 or 9, and made sure she's still doing well. And we made plans to watch Days of Our Lives this afternoon, so I'll get the chance to check on her then.

I guess the point of this post is two-fold. One, I'd like to sincerely ask for the prayers of those of you who would like to pray regarding my anxiety and my ability to deal with helping others. Also in thanksgiving that it wasn't much worse and for her continued health.

Secondly, I'd like to invite you all to share your thoughts with me about a few things. This situation has been making wish that I had a "real" grownup to help me. But I'm 28 years old! I am a grown up. So what makes a "real" grown up? And does anyone ever feel like they are one?

Also, I'm grateful for the opportunity to help someone in need, and sometimes I even pray for God to show me what I can do to serve him (and helping this kind woman is definately an answer to that, I'm sure), but how do those who serve others deal with the fear and anxiety that being both responsible and unsure causes?

Updated to Say:
I just walked over to make sure she's doing well this morning, and she was outside watering her garden and said that she had slept very well. She also invited me to come and eat breakfast with her a little later, so I think she's fine now. I'll just be keeping an extra watchful eye on her and making sure that she takes the phone outside with her!

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Julie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad she's OK!! That's scary!

And I don't think that you're a "real" grown up until you're older than 27, because that's how old I am and I'm not a real grown up yet.

Amy Caroline said...

That is horrible! Oh I would feel so bad!! But on the other hand her family left her there alone, so they must have thought she would be ok? Right? She needs to have one of those life alert things or, like you said, the phone with her. At that age a fall could kill!! Believe me, I know. My father in law fell and broke his hip. It was the beginning of the end. He only lived a few months longer and he suffered suring all of them.
Thank God she is ok! Prayers said!
As for the grown up thing, I don't think you ever feel "gorwn up". We alwasy need support and help, it is the human condition. Very few have been able to survive on their own in the hills living off shrubs with no one else to share it with. Even with almost 6 kids I still don't feel all that grown up, lol.

Alison said...

I'm 28 and I still cannot believe that people trust me to care for their children. Staying overnight with children is so stressful for me, I am always afraid that at least one of them will die during the night. I know, it's weird.

Wait... did that at all relate to your post?

Bethany said...

Amy, I know, my Grandfather fell and broke his neck at the end of his life. He had heart trouble, and the fall and the fracture were just too much for him and he died a day or two later. That's why I'm so concerned for my neightbor right now! She's actually pretty healthy, I think, and completely normal in her mental abilities, but her lack of flexibility and some foot and knee problems kept her from being able to get back up again. Though she had scooted into the shade.

Ali, that relates completely. I would be freaked out taking care of kids overnight. I don't even like be alone by myself overnight!

It's like, when do people become confident enough in their abilities not to feel too young all the time. Maybe it has to do with experience. Like, if you took care of the kids every night, you'd be bound to get used to it. Probably has a lot to do with training too. Like a nurse probably feels plenty equipped to handle emergencies.

Maybe I just need to find ways to take on more responsibility in order to be more comfortable with it and feel like a grown up.

CastoCreations said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is scary. I totally know what you mean about "real" adults. lol I'm 30 and I STILL don't feel like a "real" adult and feel like I need my mom. ROFL :)

I'm SO glad that your neighbor is okay and that she didn't get too hurt.

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